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Is your book right for review on this blog? What happens if I agree to review your book, and I don’t like it? See my answers to these and other frequently asked questions about having your book reviewed on The Story Sanctuary. Don’t see the question that’s burning inside your fierce writerly brain? Ask me! Leave a comment or email me with your question. I’m happy to help.

How to Request a Book Review

Right now I am not accepting review requests. You can find information about how to request a review and when I begin accepting requests again on this page.

Review Request Checklist (Do’s and Don’t’s)

Before you fire off that spiffy email with all your fabulous book deets, check out this handy list of ways to start our relationship off on the best foot. Use these tips when you approach other bloggers for bonus points at life.

Check out my new ebook!

After working with many indie authors on putting together promotional posts and reviews, I’ve put together an ebook with all my tips and tricks. Check it out (it’s free if you can access Kindle Unlimited), and let me know the most helpful tip you learned!




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