Author FAQs

Am I currently accepting review requests?

Yes! I usually try to review at least 1-2 indie books each month. I only agree to review books that I think I’ll enjoy and are a good fit for what I do here at The Story Sanctuary.

Is your book a good fit for review on this blog?

At present, I am accepting review requests for middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction.

For fiction, I’m very interested in clean books that appeal to boys. I’m a huge fan of books with diverse casts of characters. I like books that explore complex family relationships and mental health issues. I also have a huge soft spot for re-imagined fairy tales.

Contemporary and fantasy/light sci-fi are my favorites, but I also enjoy other genres– historical and mystery for instance. I’m a bit of a pansy where it comes to violence, especially sexual violence. That’s very difficult for me to read.

I’m SUPER choosy about nonfiction because I don’t review very much of it. I try to do about one nonfiction review per month, and my backlog is pretty long at this point.

See my mission statement for more information.

What format do I prefer for my ARC or review copy?

I’m a huge fan of e-books. They’re much harder for me to lose, my cat can’t eat them (no, seriously– this kitty loves him some tasty paperbacks), and you don’t have to spend money on stamps. It’s a win/win. I prefer mobi or pdf formats, but I can do epub as well. I’m flexible like that.

What happens if I don’t enjoy your book?

You worked and slaved over this story, and hopefully everyone who ever reads it falls as deeply in love with the characters and plot as you have. But, if the worst should come and the story doesn’t resonate with me, here’s what happens:

While it’s really important to me and to the integrity of The Story Sanctuary for me to be honest in my reviews, I’m not in the business of posting negative reviews. If I can’t find anything positive to say about the story or I’m having a really difficult time reading the entirety of the novel, I prefer to email the author and discuss some options. Perhaps instead of a review, I can host an author interview or other type of post.

I do not post DNF (did not finish) reviews for a book I’ve abandoned. I know other bloggers do it, but personally I don’t find them to be very helpful. So I don’t do them.

When will your review get posted?

Your review will be posted to my site within 90 days of my receiving your book (after I’ve accepted your review request). That said, I will do my best to accommodate authors looking to coordinate review posts with the release date of a novel, because I know how important that is. My advice on this, though, is send your requests early! A lot of bloggers fill their calendars way in advance. Presently, I’m looking to fill post slots about two months from now.

Do I respond to all review requests?

Here’s the truth. I hate hurting people’s feelings, and several authors got angry with me when I passed on the chance to review their book, which wasn’t fun for any of us. The last thing I want to do is have an argument with someone about why I can’t review their book. So… these days I generally only respond to requests I’m accepting. That said,  if you want to send a follow-up email checking to be sure your review request made it safely to my inbox and wasn’t waylaid by vicious hacker kangaroos, please feel free to do so.

Do I post cover reveals and other promotional material?

Sometimes I do. Because of the kind of blog I operate, I’m a little hesitant to promote a book when I can’t vet the content myself, so usually I do this for authors or publishers with whom I’ve worked in the past.

Do I participate in blog tours?

Yes! Please ask me to be part of your tour. If you have interest in doing a guest post or author interview with me, please let me know that, too!

Questions I didn’t answer?

Leave a comment below with any questions you still have about reviews.



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