For Readers/Parents

Welcome to The Story Sanctuary! I hope that browsing reviews here will help you find new books to read and share with others. Here are some resource pages that will help you find your way around the blog site and the world of children’s literature.


The Story Sanctuary isn’t your average book review blog. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is that my reviews contain content information to help you decide if a book is right for you or your family. Check out my mission statement for more on why.

How to Use This Blog

Here you’ll find a breakdown of different ways to search for books or find lists of titles I’ve reviewed by genre.

Genre Guide

New to children’s lit? Not sure what the difference between middle grade and young adult is? Here’s a list of genres and what they mean as well as links that will take you to a list of all my reviews within that category.

Children’s Literature Awards 101 – COMING SOON!

Want to know what the top awards in children’s literature are and how they’re decided? Got you covered. At least, I will. Soon!

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