How to Use This Blog

Searching for Book Reviews by Title, Author, Genre, or Keyword

Looking for something specific? Try the search bar which will either be above the reviews on the home page, in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page, depending on how you’re viewing my site. (On a phone or tablet, the search bar will most likely be at the bottom of the page.)

Type in an author’s last name, book title, genre, or keyword and hit search. Voila! If I’ve got a review that meets your criteria, you’ll see it listed in the results.

Using the Categories in the Sidebar

You’ll see genre and age groups listed under Categories in the sidebar (or likely at the bottom of the page if you’re on a phone or tablet). Click a category to get a listing of all the reviews in that category. Looking for clean books? Click the Clean Book Reviews link. Christian Books? Click the Christian Book Reviews link. And so on.

To Browse My Archive of Reviews

You can see my reading list for this year by clicking that tab at the top of the page. If you hover on that tab, you’ll see a list of reviews by author’s last name. I’m currently working on adding all my reviews to this list, but for now, you’ll find a lot of them there.

Interested in a Book I Haven’t Reviewed?

Leave a comment on my current reading list or email me at request [at] thestorysanctuary [dot] com with the book title and author’s name. No guarantees, but I’ll see what I can do about posting a review for you.

Be sure to let me know you’re contacting me as a reader recommending a book or looking for information on a book. I get emails from authors, public relations groups, publishers and other professionals, so if you just tell me the name and title of an interesting book and no other information, I will probably mistake you for an author’s representative.

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