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About Me

It won’t surprise you to learn that I enjoy reading and writing, or that I’m a Christian parent concerned with the content in books my daughter reads at home and in school. What you might not know is that I am a total sucker for a story about a good guy who has to make some tough choices and nevertheless does the right thing. I love happy endings but also enjoy a good tear-jerker if there’s some good that comes to someone out of all that sorrow and suffering.

I have two sisters. One saves me from fashion blunders. If I’m wearing something cool, it probably used to be hers or she bought it for me. I like to think this is payback for our entire middle school lives in which she sneaked into my room to swipe my clothes before I woke up for school in the morning. My other sister saves me from poor music choices. She tries, anyway. If I’m listening to something too trendy or annoying, she’s probably hanging her head in shame while simultaneously composing complex, emotive, super-hip tunes on drums, bass, or guitar. (Yeah, she’s THAT girl. Don’t hate.) I also have one brother who keeps us all laughing. I mean, with him. Usually.

When I’m not reading or writing, I might be found geeking out over video games with my husband, carefully cultivating an appreciation for Cary Grant and classic movies with my daughter, outside planting herbs or building a butterfly garden, snuggling with my adorable cats, or perhaps out on the water chasing down a fish or two with a fly rod. In addition to blogging, I write contemporary YA and harass my very patient, wonderful critique partners on a regular basis.

Other Notes and Fine Print

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