To Request a Book Review

I am currently accepting review requests. (Updated 7/5/19)

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Young adult or middle grade books.
  • Fiction only.
  • My favorite genres are contemporary and fantasy, but I enjoy other genres like historical and mystery as well.
  • I’m sensitive to violence, especially violence against young women or children.
  • I’m not a fan of graphic sexual content.
  • I almost never review stories that are told from an adult point-of-view. I don’t enjoy them, and they’re often adult novels about caring for children, not children’s fiction.

How to Submit a Review Request

To submit a review request, please email me at request [at]

Include the following:

  • the book title
  • release date
  • genre and number of pages or approximate word count
  • a link to view the cover art
  • a brief description of the book

BONUS: If you have an excerpt posted on your web site, a sale site or blog, please include that, too, so I can sample your writing!

Need help getting reviews?

Promoting a book is HARD WORK. Especially as an independent author. Lots of review blogs don’t accept review requests. Those that do are often so inundated with requests, it can be difficult to find ways to stand out.

I’m here to help. After more than four years of book review blogging, I’ve written an e-book called Reviews Wanted. It’s packed with tips and strategies for getting more book review bloggers to spread the word about your latest book.




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