Review: Burning Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

Burning Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

Burning Crowns (Twin Crowns #3)
Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber
Balzer + Bray
Published April 25, 2024

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About Burning Crowns

Twin queens Rose & Wren survived the Battle for Anadawn and brought back magic to their kingdom. But danger lurks in Eana’s shadows.

Wren is troubled. Ever since she performed the blood spell on Prince Ansel, her magic has become unruly. Worse, the spell created a link between Wren and the very man she’s trying to forget: Icy King Alarik of Gevra. A curse is eating away at both of them. To fix it they must … Continue reading

Spring 2024 Backlist Reading Check-In and Life Update

Spring 2024 Backlist Reading Update

Life Update: It’s Been Wild

Whew. It has been a tough few months, y’all. Wowza. I had to take an unplanned break from reading because things got too overwhelming. And the weird thing is, there wasn’t a gigantic, immediate crisis at any point.

My kids hit some big milestones and needed extra support. My partner was traveling for work. It meant additional output from me, but nothing that I would have called unmanageable.

Except that it was. Which, thankfully, prompted me to get medical advice. I’ve had some low-key, annoying, but not dangerous, issues going on for a while. I thought by now, I’d be getting relief from new meds and treatment. … Continue reading

Review: I Wish You Would by Eva Des Lauriers

I Wish You Would by Eva Des Laurier

I Wish You Would
Eva Des Lauriers
Henry Holt & Co.
Published May 21, 2024

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About I Wish You Would

In this drama-filled love story, private confessions are scattered on the beach during a senior class overnight and explosive secrets threaten to tear everyone apart, including best friends (or maybe more?), Natalia and Ethan.

It’s Senior Sunrise, the epic overnight at the beach that kicks off senior year. But for Natalia and Ethan, it’s the first time seeing each other after what happened at junior prom―when they almost crossed the line from best friends to something more … Continue reading

Review: Puzzleheart by Jenn Reese

Puzzleheart by Jenn Reese

Jenn Reese
Henry Holt & Co.
Published May 14, 2024

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About Puzzleheart

Get ready to solve the mystery at the heart of this middle grade adventure about family—and a house with a mind of its own.

Twelve-year-old Perigee has never met a problem they couldn’t solve. So when their Dad’s spirits need raising, Perigee formulates the perfect road trip to Dad’s childhood home to reunite him with his estranged mother. There’s something in it for Perigee, too, as they will finally get to visit “Eklunds’ Puzzle House,” the mysterious bed & breakfast their grandparents built but … Continue reading

Review: Balto and Togo: Hero Dogs of Alaska by Helen Moss

Balto and Togo by Helen Moss

Balto and Togo: Hero Dogs of Alaska
Helen Moss
Godwin Books
Published November 28, 2023

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About Balto and Togo: Hero Dogs of Alaska

It’s the winter of 1924, and a diphtheria outbreak is threatening the population of Nome, Alaska. The only way to stop the deadly illness from causing a full-blown epidemic is to immediately deliver one million units of the diphtheria antitoxin to the affected communities ––a task that seems impossible given that the only way to reach any place in Alaska at this time of year is by dog sled. The stakes are high, and the snow is piling higher. Will … Continue reading

Review: I Like Machines… What Jobs Are There? by Robin Pridy and Elise Gaignet

I Like Machines... What Jobs Are There by Robin Pridy

I Like Machines… What Jobs Are There? (That’s a Job Series)
Robin Pridy
Illustrated by Elise Gaignet
Kane Miller
Published December 1, 2023

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About I Like Machines… What Jobs Are There?

Whether they love operating them, designing them, or building and repairing them, there’s something for everyone in this accessible guide for children who are fascinated by machines! From being a train driver to a robotics engineer, readers are taken through a day-in-the-life of 25 workers and shown the different skills and qualities needed for each exciting job. The book will … Continue reading