Review: Evie and the Upside Down World of Nevermore by Birgitte Märgen

Evie and the Upside Down World of Nevermore

Evie and the Upside Down World of Nevermore
Birgitte Märgen
Published January 4, 2019

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About Evie and the Upside Down World of Nevermore

Girl, Interrupted meets Pan’s Labyrinth

A trailer park Alice. A hole that traps souls. The white rabbit’s a tricky hare. And the world is upside down. This fairy tale just got twisty . . . 

Rule One: Don’t eat or drink. Rule Two: Never, ever tell anyone your name. If ya do – your soul will be lost there forever.

How do I know? I been there myself. This is my story.

There was a full moon brimmin’ that night, and that meant strange things could happen. As I walked through the woods, I reckon I shoulda known by the way my hair stood up on end like Uncle Red’s toupee —that I shoulda coulda stayed home. I call it the willies, but grandpappy calls it premonition. One thing I can tell ya as a girl from the wrong side of the tracks: If you’re fix’n to wander way over yonder —it’s important to know the right direction.

What direction ya ask? Well, ya have to read the story to find that one out.

My Review

I like the frank, earthy voice of the narrator of EVIE AND THE UPSIDE DOWN WORLD OF NEVERMORE. Evie is sweet and empathetic, but also determined and strong.

The story itself reminded me much more of ALICE IN WONDERLAND than GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Alice is on a solo journey where she meets other characters, but doesn’t really form deep relationships with any of them. She’s the only constant character through the story, much like Evie on her journey.

The small cast kept the story pretty focused and small. I liked the focus, but it made me realize how much I look for and enjoy a lot of dialogue in the books I read. Evie’s internal narrative is often entertaining, especially where it comes to her descriptions of things, but I missed the interplay between characters that happens in a larger cast.

Overall, I had fun getting to know Evie as a character and taking the trip through the fantasy world along with her.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

Evie is white and from a lower-income family.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content
Evie likes a boy and witnesses her friend kissing him.

Spiritual Content
Evie falls through a hole into another world in which magical creatures exist. Some seek to harm her.

Violent Content
Some scary descriptions of trees and other creatures attacking Evie or trying to capture her. No gore, but some situations of peril.

Drug Content

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