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Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2018

February 2018 Monthly Wrap-UpFebruary 2018 Reviews

Romance and dystopian stories, favorites and books I just didn’t get… here’s what you missed this month in reviews.

The Returning (Seer #3) by Rachelle Dekker

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

I liked the fast-paced storytelling and the way you could read this book without remembering what happened in (or without reading) the earlier books. I had some issues with the theology, which you can read about in my review.

Everless by Sara Holland

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

A friend suggested that I read this book, and I’m so glad she did. Really fascinating concept and characters I enjoyed.

The Unicorn Quest by Kamilla Benko

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

I think you pretty much can’t go wrong with a book about unicorns! This was a fun read, perfect for readers aged 8 to 12.

For Love and Honor (An Uncertain Choice #3) by Jody Hedlund

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

Another book from one of my daughter’s favorite authors. It’s a sweet, light romance, great for readers just starting out in the genre.

The Ruby Moon by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

I had a hard time following the story in this book. It’s got a wide cast of characters and a lot happening. If the story interests you, I’d recommend starting with the first book in the series instead of this one.

Hawk’s Flight by Carol Chase

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

One of my favorite books of all time– though it’s out of print. I love the characters, and the story still feels fresh to me even after reading it easily a dozen times.

Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

Gabrielle says: Overall, I give this book 4 stars. While not terribly life-altering (it leans more to the ‘fluff’ side than the profound), it was a delicious read, and as such, merits my approval. Fellow Janeites looking for a quick, easy read will enjoy this one.

When Light Left Us by Leah Thomas

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

I read this book because I so enjoyed Thomas’s other books about Moritz and Ollie. This one is very different, but I found the same compelling characters and great descriptions of emotion in here that made me fall in love with the other books.

The Messengers: Discovered by Lisa M. Clark

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

This might be the best Christian dystopian book I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed reading it and liked that the story so seamlessly supported its Christian message.

Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

I struggled with this book. While I found the story interesting, I feel like it was really issue-driven, to the point that everything else seemed to take a back seat to the issue of women’s sexual equality. It’s an important issue, for sure, but I felt like it dominated the story too much for my taste. If you like issue-based books, though, it might be a good one to check out. See the notes after the review for content information.

What did you read in February 2018?

What about you? Did you find any books you have to talk about or books you want to recommend? Leave a comment below sharing them with us.

Also, if you’ve read any of the books we reviewed, leave a comment telling us how you liked the book or what you thought about it!