Review: Haunters by Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor
Chicken House Publishers
Published May 28, 2013

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After his father’s death, David began to dream of strange things. He visits a boy in 1940s London, and though David knows they are just dreams, his friendship with Eddie feels as real as his waking life. When a forceful team attempt to abduct David from school, he learns there’s more to his dreams than simple sleep. David is one of the gifted Dreamwalkers who can travel to other times and locations during sleep. He appears to others as a ghost, and in fact, that’s how his mysterious dream friend has come to identify him. David teams up with other Dreamwalkers to stop a vicious group called Haunters who use the dreamwalking ability to control and manipulate history. The group’s current target is Eddie, David’s dream friend. With his new allies, David must stop the Haunters from destroying Eddie and ending the Dreamwalker project altogether, but in order to succeed, they will have to defeat the most powerful dreamwalker the team has ever known.

Haunters is peppered with interesting characters and early teen awkwardness as scenes flip back and forth between modern day and World War II ravaged London. Tension mounts as David’s quest becomes more urgent, making this a difficult novel to put down, once one reaches its midpoint. Fans of sci-fi or super-hero stories will enjoy this time-traveling, super-human story, though the title leaves one pondering why the novel is named for its villains rather than its heroes.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
A London girl mistakes the presence of the computer simulation called Misty for an angel.

Characters from opposing sides clash and attempt to destroy one another’s ability to dreamwalk using a powerful mind attack. One of the Haunters uses a hired hit man to attempt to murder a teenage boy. The boy is wounded, but survives, though his attacker is slain. Very few graphic details.

Drug Content
David takes a pill to allow him to dreamwalk without being disturbed.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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