Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer
Little, Brown & Company
Published August 7, 2007

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Once again Bella Swan’s life is in danger, seemingly because of her association with the Cullen family. Strange events unfold in nearby Seattle– a mass of unsolved murders. Could there be “newborn” vampires on the loose?

As rumor of the “newborn” vampires spreads, a new rumor reaches the Cullen clan. The powerful Volturi, to whom Bella has promised to shed her mortality and become a vampire, appear to be planning a visit to the town of Forks. As Bella seeks to get her promise met, she discovers she must make a difficult choice. If she becomes a vampire, she loses Jacob, her best friend. If she remains mortal, Edward will watch her grow old and die.

I liked that this book expanded some of the ideas about the vampire lore and hierarchy beyond the Cullen family. Some of the same plot constructions hold up this story that formed the earlier books in the series. Again we see Bella waiting for rescue and Edward treating her as though she’s helpless. I’m just not a huge fan of that model. I want to see more spine from her at the very least. See below for content information.

Profanity/Crude Language Content
There was a little bit more swearing in this novel compared to the first. Light bordering moderate.

Sexual Content
Still very little physical sexual contact at all. Huge amounts of romantic tension between them, though. Bella and Edward’s desire for each other is very obvious.

Spiritual Content
Largely the same as Twilight and New Moon. The Edward Cullen and his family are “good” vampires who’ve chosen only to feed on animals, not humans. They are at odds with the “bad” vampires who consider themselves superior to the human race and still kill/bite people. Werewolves emerge to protect the people of Forks, WA.

Violent Content
The Volturi are as ruthless as ever, destroying one vampire in the midst of a conflict. The werewolf clan takes on a vampire.

Drug Content


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