Review: Gates of Paradise by Melissa De La Cruz

Gates of Paradise
Melissa De La Cruz
Published January 15, 2013

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Through her mother’s shared memories, half-angel, half-human Schuyler knows her destiny is to serve as the guardian of the Gate of Paradise, to protect it from Lucifer and the armies of Hell. What she doesn’t know is Lucifer has already set a plot in motion to overrun the gate and take back Paradise, and to succeed, he has employed his most cunning weapons: the twins, Jack and Mimi. Though the twins had returned to Hell as covert agents of Heaven, Jack and Mimi soon discover that fooling the Prince of Darkness isn’t as simple as they’d believed. When Lucifer tasks the twins with killing their lovers, Jack and Mimi’s tight bond begins to fragment. Only a powerful weapon can stop Lucifer from destroying the gate and taking what should never be his.

The final chapter in the Blue Bloods series, Gates of Paradise brings a large cast of characters to the stage, many of whom have more than one name, depending on where they are (heaven, earth or hell) and who addresses them. Readers may find this confusing. The story world, which will be well-known to readers of the series, may further mystify readers joining the tale in this last novel. Angels on earth become vampires, who possibly thirst for human blood.

While these references and name changes don’t directly impede the reader’s enjoyment of the plot, it does sometimes become difficult to keep track of who is who. A character glossary would have helped tremendously. Still, it cannot be overlooked that De La Cruz weaves an intense story of passion and sacrifice, and spins together past and present in the high-energy conclusion of her best-selling series.

Profanity/Crude Language Content
Moderate to Severe.

Sexual Content
References to promiscuous behavior and a few sex scenes.

Spiritual Content
While the characters are identified as angels or demons, these labels don’t follow the Christian understanding. A character who lives in Hell and serves Lucifer or belongs to his army is a demon. Heavenly angels and their allegiance is implied, but very vague. While on earth, these beings become vampires, regardless of their origin.

Some battle violence. Usually brief.

Drug Content
Several scenes depicting parties where characters consume alcohol.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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