Review: Of Triton by Anna Banks

Of Triton by Anna BanksOf Triton (Syrena Legacy #2)
Anna Banks
Feiwel & Friends
Published May 28, 2013

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When her Syrena boyfriend Galen recognizes her mother as the long-lost princess promised to his older brother, Emma realizes her life just got way more complicated. With a Syrena mother and human father, Emma is a half-breed. Humanity would label her a freak and Syrena law demands that she be put to death. Galen and his sister work to reunite their brother Grom with Emma’s mother, but none of them realize the tidal wave of repercussions the return of the lost princess will cause.

Fans of Banks’ earlier novel exploring the world of the Syrena will only find more to love in this upbeat romance jam-packed with royal political intrigue and forbidden romance. Some of the scenes involving the underwater Tribunal meeting, a trial which will decide the fate of the Syrena royals, do tend to drag on with little action and much dialogue, the story otherwise moves quickly and tensions between characters run high making this a great summer read. Of Neptune,the final chapter of the Syrena Legacy hit stores early this month and promises to be a thrilling conclusion to Emma and Galen’s story.

Of Triton on AmazonLanguage Content
Mild. More often, Emma uses terms like “flipping” or “shizzle” rather than profanity. Fits her character and spares readers looking for a cleaner reading experience.

Sexual Content
It’s clear that Emma feels deeply attracted to Galen and wants to consummate that attraction, but the two have little opportunity. Sirenna law prohibits mating between partners who have not been paired at a proper mating ceremony, and despite the force of his attraction to Emma, he is committed to respecting the traditions of his people.

Spiritual Content

Conflicts between hot-tempered Sirenna sometimes become physical altercations, though few weapons are used and few details embellish the violence. A fisherman harpoons a young whale. A young girl is stabbed with a spear. No graphic details.

Drug Content

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