Review: Bad Luck by Pseudonymous Bosch

Bad Luck by Pseudonymous BoschBad Luck
Pseudonymous Bosch
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

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Now that Clay has adjusted to his new home at Earth Ranch, a school for magical *ahem* unusually gifted students, he just needs his magical ability to finally show itself. As fishy things begin happening on the island, Clay finds himself in the middle of a new adventure. He meets allies he couldn’t have anticipated, including the Jell-O-parfait-loving boy from a cruise ship. But they’ll have to act fast if they’re going to protect the island and its secrets from intruders.

I’d heard about Bosh’s Secret Series from some big-time fans, but this book was my first time reading anything by this author myself. I liked the playfulness and upbeat feel of the story. Even when things were dire, Bosch keeps it light with jokes and silliness. Though there’s some brief speculation about whether a girl has a crush on Clay, the story mainly revolves around the development of friendships, especially between Clay and Brett. Though it’s the second in the series, I almost couldn’t tell from the way it was written—it could have been a standalone novel. The story is light and uncomplicated, which might make it a great pick for reluctant readers. The first ten chapters of the series opener, Bad Magic, are available for free here.

Language Content
A few crude comments about bodily functions.

Romance/Sexual Content
The kids briefly discuss a situation they believe involves two girls crushing on the same boy. Nothing further comes of it.

Spiritual Content
Each child attends the private school on the island because he or she has a magical gift. One girl can steal things without being detected. One boy can start fires anytime he wants.

The children discover a mythical creature which also possesses magical power.

In the heat of an argument, a boy is thrown from a cruise ship. A rock slide injures a boy.

Drug Content

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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