Review: I Like Space… What Jobs Are There? by Steve Martin and Tom Woolley

I Like Space... What Jobs Are There by Steve Martin

I Like Space… What Jobs Are There? (That’s a Job? Series)
Steve Martin
Illustrated by Tom Woolley
Kane Miller Publishing
Published January 1, 2020

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About I Like Space… What Jobs Are There?

Explore a day in the life of 25 people whose jobs involve working with space. While it takes all kinds of jobs to put an astronaut in space, there are also space lawyers and space weather forecasters! Learn how to turn your fascination with space into a career.

For children who have a passion for something but don’t know how they can turn it into a job, this new series helps them along the way.

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My Review

As the granddaughter of an engineer who worked for NASA, I grew up watching rocket launches and hearing about some of the projects at Cape Canaveral. It was really fun to read this book and think about the people working there now in some of the careers mentioned in this book.

The book focuses on 25 different career options for someone who likes space. Options include astronaut, space lawyer, computer engineer, technical writer, space weather forecaster, and nutritionist. Some careers work more closely with the public, such as a public affairs officer, planetarium educator, or space center manager. Others, like astrobiologists, astrophysicists, astronautical engineers, neuroscientists, and scientific researchers, depend on higher math and science education and skills.

Each page spotlights a career, giving a sample overview of the person’s day and highlighting the best and worst parts of the job. It also tells what kind of degree or background someone with this job might have.

One feature readers are sure to appreciate is the “Your perfect job match” spread, which shows a visual flow chart with circles asking questions about the reader and offering different career suggestions for different answers. For example, one question asks, “What are your interests and goals?” One possible answer is “helping people.” The chart points these readers to careers like nutritionist, flight surgeon, and neuroscientist. It connects preferences and personality to jobs that utilize those skills, which I love.


I have completely fallen in love with this series. I love that it exposes kids to so many different career options and gives clues about their educational background. This is a great place to start for a kid who is just starting to wonder what jobs are out there and has a larger interest (space or machines or art, etc) and isn’t sure what career options exist in those fields.

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Age Recommendation

For readers eight to twelve.

The cartoony style probably makes this better suited to fourth or fifth-grade level, but the pages have so much information that I think older kids would benefit, too.

Content Summary

The pages show inclusive cartoon images of the workers. The astronaut lists the worst part of the job being that they have to wear a special diaper, which takes getting used to.

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