Review: Scents and Senses by Loren Secretts

Scents and Senses by Loren SecrettsScents and Senses
Loren Secretts
Astraea Press
Published April 15, 2014

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Starra never asked for an invisible guardian to step in and make her life extraordinary. Yet when Joy began watching over her, she just couldn’t help herself. How can Starra not want the world to know how amazing she is? Unfortunately, Joy’s aid brings Starra more attention than she ever wanted. But when some serious creeps try to shut down her island home, Starra depends on Joy and her friends to bring help before someone gets hurt.

Joy is a mysterious three-toed Deeem. She has the ability to control the movements of humans and remain unseen. She hopes Starra will become a friend not only to herself but also to a young girl who is part Deeem and part human, who needs a friend more than anything else. Becoming their friend may turn out to be the most dangerous thing Starra has ever done.

The idea of these two vastly different creatures living side by side is pretty fascinating. Joy is a perky, cute character and Starra is very empathetic and caring. Especially in scenes with a lot of dialogue, the narrative sometimes gets confusing. It’s as if the author was writing so quickly that a lot of clarifying details got skipped. It’s hard to know who spoke which dialogue lines or what’s happening in the scene. There were a lot of passages I had to go back and reread several times and sometimes I had to just guess at what was happening.

The plot itself feels like two separate stories strung together to make a longer novel out of two novellas. Each had a good set-up for conflict and an interesting twist (the second resolved a little abruptly.) They weren’t really deeply tied together as one story, though.

Scents and Senses on AmazonProfanity/Crude Language Content

Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
In this story, humans live alongside invisible creatures called Deeems. Those with one human parent and one Deeem parent are referred to as Deeemans and sometimes possess special powers.

A team of men infiltrate Starra’s hometown and hold the people hostage. Gunshots are fired in a confrontation, and a teenager ends up in the hospital. A boy with abnormal strength beats up other young men who attempt to assault a young woman. A woman tries to kill a teenaged girl and is killed as a last-resort effort to stop her. Scenes are brief.

Drug Content

Scents and Senses on GoodreadsNote: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Loren Secretts says:

    Thanks Kasey! This isn’t one book I’ll be checking out from the library though:) (Recently, my husband was at the library with the kids and asked me for recommendations, and I just went on your site and texted him your featured books.)