Review: Spark by J. M. Hackman

Spark by J M HackmanSpark
J. M. Hackman
Love 2 Read Love 2 Write Publishing
Published May 16, 2017

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About Spark
Brenna James wants three things for her sixteenth birthday: to find her history notes
before the test, to have her mother return from her business trip, and to stop creating fire
with her bare hands. Yeah, that’s so not happening. Unfortunately.

When Brenna learns her mother is missing in an alternate reality called Linneah, she
travels through a portal to find her. Against her will. Who knew portals even existed? But
Brenna’s arrival in Linneah begins the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, including a royal
murder and the theft of Linneah’s most powerful relic: the Sacred Veil. Hold up. Can
everything just slow down for a sec?

Unwilling yet left with no other choice, Brenna and her new friend Baldwin (Um, hello,
Hottie!) pursue the thief into the dangerous woods of Silvastamen and beyond. Exactly
what Brenna wanted to do for her sixteenth birthday. Exactly. When they spy an army
marching toward Linneah, Brenna is horrified. Can she find the veil, save her mother, and
warn Linneah in time? And more importantly, why on earth doesn’t this alternity have
Belgian waffles?

Spark on AmazonMy Review
Spark is a peppy, fun read perfect for fans of Sara Ella’s Unblemished. I enjoyed the cast of characters and found each one really different from others. Anna might have been my favorite, simply because she was so silly. The romance between Baldwin and Brenna is sweet and perfect for readers just beginning to read romance.

The Christian themes in the story are pretty straightforward without being preachy. Brenna faces choices surrounding a prophecy which seems to indicate that she’ll play a major role in the land of Linneah, a role she is more than a little hesitant to accept. As she struggles with how to embrace her destiny, she finds great allies and keeps readers entertained with her spunky observations and longing for ordinary breakfast food. I enjoyed Spark and found it to be a pretty quick read.

Recommended for Ages 12 up.

Cultural Elements
Human characters are white. Other characters, like fauns and shapeshifters face some prejudice from humans.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content
Brief kissing.

Spiritual Content
Brenna must make a choice to serve Elyon (God) or opposing forces. Various characters possess God-given gifts like the ability to command fire, sense emotions, stop time, and see visions.

Violent Content
Brief battle violence.

Drug Content
Prince Rune (who opposes Elyon) uses an addictive substance that promises power to those to follow him.

Spark on GoodreadsNote: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About J. M. Hackman

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J.M. Hackman has held many positions: assistant librarian, office assistant, office manager,
substitute teacher, writer, wife, and mother. She still holds the last three. And loves it. She
received a degree in Elementary Education from Pennsylvania State University and now
spends her days writing stories, consuming massive quantities of chocolate, and looking for
portals to other worlds.

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  1. Laura A. Grace says:

    What an awesome review! I love the idea of Brenna sharing her longing for breakfast food. Makes me wonder if I’m going to be getting hungry while reading SPARK. 😉