Review: The Amaranth Enchantment

Amaranth Enchantment by Julie BerryThe Amaranth Enchantment
Julie Berry
Bloomsbury USA Childrens

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After the unexpected deaths of her parents, young Lucinda is thrown on the kindness of her uncle and his second wife. She spends her days as a servant in their jewel shop, ducking her aunt’s wrath and dreaming of a different future.

Three visitors to the shop change the course of her life: a prince, a wealthy woman rumored to be a witch, and an overconfident young thief. In different ways the visits inspire Lucinda to try to reclaim her lost family home. She will need help from all three if she is to succeed in her venture.

It’s been called a loose retelling of Cinderella, but there are enough unexpected characters and threads of story to give the novel added depth. The young thief and his antics bring welcome humor. The Amaranth Witch and her tale are not what one expects to encounter within this sort of fairytale realm. Lyrical prose and sweet romance also add a sense of enchantment to this story.

After being swept off my feet by Berry’s debut novel, All the Truth That’s In Me, I think I expected a bit more angst and inner conflict from these characters. The conflict was there, but much more subdued. The Amaranth Enchantment is a much gentler story, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After the power and strength of her first novel, I expected more bite and found myself a little bit disappointed.

Amaranth Enchantment on AmazonProfanity/Crude Language Content
No profanity or crude language.

Sexual Content
Brief kissing.

Spiritual Content
A strange woman rumored to be a witch seeks to recover a magical stone she claims contains her soul and a vast power to its wielder. She comes from another planet. Not much information is given about her home. When asked if her home is heaven, she says it is not, nor is she a witch.

More than one character learns about accepting responsibility for one’s actions and seeking forgiveness.

A young thief befriends Lucinda but also relieves her of some of her belongings in the process. Lucinda uncovers a dark secret about her parents’ deaths. An evil man attacks Lucinda to kill her. Descriptions of his attack are brief.

Drug Content

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