Review: The Hunt for the Hollower by Callie C. Miller

The Hunt for the Hollower by Callie C. Miller cover shows a girl holding a glowing scepter in the foreground. A boy reaches for her from above and behind her. A girl and boy stand back to back in the upper left background.

The Hunt for the Hollower
Callie C. Miller
Aladdin Books
Published June 13, 2023

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About The Hunt for the Hollower

In this riff on Arthurian legend, a wizardess who is still mastering her powers goes on an epic quest to save her brother from an evil wizard in this middle grade magical adventure perfect for fans of Adam Gidwitz and Amanda Foody!

The great wizard Merlyn prophesied that his seventh descendant would do wonderful, miraculous things—baffling everyone when his great-great-many-times-great grandchild turns out to be twins. Soon enough, however, it becomes clear which sibling is the Septimum Genus. Percy is a natural with magic. Merlynda (to put it simply) is not.

But Merlynda doesn’t mind. Percy has always been by her side to cheer her up (and clean up) after her magical bungles—until the twins attempt a forbidden spell to help her control her magic, and Percy vanishes through a portal and straight into the clutches of the magic-stealing, mythical Hollower.

Aided by her best friend (who longs to be a knight), a wandering musician (who is fleeing from his past), and her brand-new, fierce familiar (who yearns for a taste of funnel cake), Merlynda sets off on a quest to rescue her brother. But to defeat this ancient evil, she must discover and embrace her true powers—or else lose her brother for good.

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My Review

I think my favorite thing about this book is all the asides and notes about things and moments in which the characters pause to poke fun at themselves or the story. Like, for example, the wyvern who longs to taste funnel cake. Those were really cute.

I also enjoyed Merlynda’s journey to understand her magic and save her brother. I liked that though she seems like the weaker or less valuable wizard at the story’s beginning, she actually has a critical role to play in the story. That same kind of message is echoed in her quest partners Neci and Batu as well.

As I read the book, I wondered if the various side quests and problems Merlynda and the others stopped to solve would factor into the overall story or whether they’d be distractions or filler. I really liked the way the author pulled together all of the lessons and characters from the side quests in order to resolve the main plot.

On the whole, I absolutely enjoyed reading THE HUNT FOR THE HOLLOWER. I think readers who enjoy a bit of tongue-in-cheek style storytelling (maybe akin to ON THE EDGE OF THE DARK SEA OF DARKNESS by Andrew Peterson) and a fun team fantasy quest will find a lot of love about this one.

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Content Notes for The Hunt for the Hollower

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

Merlynda is white. Batu is described as having a copper tone to his skin. Neci has brown skin and curly hair.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
Merlynda is a wizardess. She encounters other magical creatures and battles someone using magic for evil.

Violent Content
Situations of peril. Brief battle situations (descriptions are more cartoonish than anything else). A witch has cursed villagers so they cannot stop dancing. She threatens to eat Merlynda and her allies.

Drug Content

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