Review: This Is Your Time by Ruby Bridges

This Is Your Time by Ruby Bridges

This Is Your Time
Ruby Bridges
Delacorte Press
Published November 10, 2020

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About This Is Your Time

Written as a letter from civil rights activist and icon Ruby Bridges to the reader, THIS IS YOUR TIME is both a recounting of Ruby’s experience as a child who had to be escorted to class by federal marshals when she was chosen to be one of the first black students to integrate into New Orleans’ all-white public school system and an appeal to generations to come to effect change.

This volume features photographs from the 1960s and from today, as well as jacket art from The Problem We All Live With, the 1964 painting by Norman Rockwell depicting Ruby’s walk to school.

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My Review

I first heard about this book when I saw Ms. Bridges talking about it in an interview on PBS Newshour. My daughter has a book that has a compilation of short biographies of brave women, and Ruby Bridges’ story is among them. So I was already interested in learning more about her and really loved the idea of a book that’s a letter to young readers from Bridges herself.

The book is as inspiring as it sounds. It only took me a few minutes to read. Each page has just a few lines of text and some photographs. Though the text is spare, it’s a really moving, powerful letter. I loved the way the message and photographs juxtaposed moments from Ruby Bridges’ childhood against things currently happening in our culture. I also loved that she referenced some of the students she met while speaking at various schools.

All in all, this is a really powerful, inspiring book. I loved it. I’d also like to mention that this book is currently listed on the spreadsheet of books created by a Texas State Representative that are being challenged in whether they should be allowed to be in high school libraries. It really blows my mind that anyone is even talking about banning a book written by Ruby Bridges, one of the few Black women I remember learning about in school. But, yep. Somebody is thinking about it.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 9 up.

This book is written by Ruby Bridges, the first Black student to attend William Frantz Elementary School. Photographs in the book show young Ruby on her way to school, posing with friends she made at school, her family, and her teacher. There are also photographs showing Civil Rights protests and Black Lives Matter protests. Some photographs show protestors outside the school, where they said and did cruel, racist things.

Profanity/Crude Language Content
The cover image shows a racist slur.

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content

Violent Content
Some images show police using water cannons or pepper spray against protestors. The author also shares that her son was murdered.

Drug Content
Ruby Bridges shares a story about a student who was inspired by her bravery attending her new school. The student was inspired to speak up about her alcoholic father abusing her mother.

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