Review: Unenchanted, an Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn

Chanda Hahn
Published by Chanda Hahn

Mina Grime has the worst luck ever. Just about everywhere she goes, bizarre misfortunes follow her: a bakery harpy, a stampede of nursery rhyme animals in the street. Mina soon finds out this isn’t a simple matter of luck, however. Her family has lived under a curse for generations. Now the curse has come after her, and if she doesn’t defeat it, her younger brother will have to face it. Mina sets out to complete all the fairy tales penned by the Grimm brothers.

The best thing about this book is its clever premise. The way Hahn recreates the familiar fairy tales in a contemporary setting is smart and cute. Those made for the best parts of the story, though in this first book in the series, much of the story is devoted to setting up the premise. Later books may focus more on the fairy tales, which would be, if I judge based on those included in this first book, very entertaining.

The characters are simple, not deeply layered and a bit cliché. The boy is handsome, thoughtful and perfect. The girl is insecure and fiercely independent. Her best friend is peppy and loyal. This didn’t ruin the story for me, but it didn’t make it stand out as one I can’t wait to tell all my friends about, either.

I listened to this story as an audiobook (largely because I adore the narration by Khristine Hvam) so I can’t speak to how well the book was edited for grammar and punctuation. As I browsed other reviews, I noticed several claimed there are some errors in the e-book version. If you’re considering purchasing the e-book, I’d recommend reading the sample pages first.

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Mina’s family lives under a terrible curse. In order to undo the curse, she has to complete each of the fairy tales penned by her ancestors, the Grimm brothers. She encounters creatures from a fairy world (a fairy and a werewolf type creature, for instance.)

Brief battle scenes.

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