Review: Wicked Nix by Lena Coakley

Wicked Nix by Lena Coakley

Wicked Nix
Lena Coakley
Published October 9, 2018

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Mischievous woodland fairy Nix is up to no good. His beloved fairy queen has gone away, leaving him with a very important job: He must protect the forest from a most dangerous enemy—humans.

When a determined invader trespasses on his territory, Nix’s skills are put to the test as he invents several wicked tricks to chase the sorry fellow away. But when his efforts don’t go quite according to plan, it becomes clear that this intruder—and this sprite—may not be at all what they seem.

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My Review

WICKED NIX is the kind of book you can read in an hour. It’s short and the plot moves pretty quickly. I love the way Nix’s perspective differs so much from the human perspective, and yet both come through clearly in the story, even if Nix doesn’t understand. The reader can see beyond what he sees, but the story still stays true to only recording things that he knows and sees from his perspective.

I also enjoyed Nix as a character. He wants more than anything to please the fairy queen, and everything he does to rid the forest of a pesky human comes from that place of wanting to fulfill his job as a fairy. I loved how creative he was with his tricks. It created this back-and-forth with the man in the house that made the story really interesting. I wanted to know what would happen next.

The twist in the story didn’t totally surprise me. I kind of saw it coming, but the emotional parts of the reveal kept it engaging, and I didn’t mind that I wasn’t surprised.

Over all, a quick read and a sweet dip into a memorable fantasy world.

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Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
Wicked Nix lives in a forest where the fairies visit each year. They play tricks and sometimes lure children away from their families. Nix doesn’t understand the human perspective on fairies. He believes the fairy queen has left him behind in charge of the forest to keep the humans away. The humans use methods to keep fairies away, too– a ring of salt on the ground around a home, a chain of daisies.

Violent Content
Wicked Nix plays tricks on the human in the forest, but nothing that harms him personally. His arm is bent where it was broken and not set properly after he fell out of a tree.

Drug Content

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