Accusations Against Authors Reviewed on This Site

An Upsetting Comment

This week I received a message from a concerned reader, alerting me to disturbing allegations against an author whose book I reviewed on this site.

“How can a blog from a ‘Christian Worldview’ review a book written by a molester, rapist, pedophile?” the commenter asks. A link to a blog post written by a woman accusing her father of sexual abuse followed the question.

In the hours since receiving the comment, my head has been spinning with all sorts of thoughts and questions. Because this is such a serious issue, I would like to share them here.

Let me first state that I accepted the review request and posted the review of the book in question months before the blog post accusing the author of abuse appeared online.

A Terrifying Story

When I read the blog comment today, I followed the link to the post mentioned. … Continue reading