Review: Raising Sir Gallant by Mary Bustamante

Sir Gallant by Mary Bustamante

Raising Sir Gallant
Mary Bustamante
Bristol & Thornbury
Published December 12, 2019

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About Raising Sir Gallant : Lessons that Transformed a Young Farm Boy Into a Knight

As a farmer’s son, young Gallant knows very little of a knight’s life, but he knows that it’s incredibly unlikely he’ll ever have a chance to become one. Then a surprise visit from a knight and old friend of his father’s reignites Gallant’s secret dream to become a knight.

After reconnecting with his father, Sir Francis offers to tutor Gallant, to train him to one serve as a knight himself. As his training begins, … Continue reading

Review: For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

For Love and Honor by Jody HedlundFor Love and Honor (An Uncertain Choice #3)
Jody Hedlund
Published on March 7, 2017

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About For Love and Honor
Lady Sabine is harboring a skin blemish, one, that if revealed, could cause her to be branded as a witch, put her life in danger, and damage her chances of making a good marriage. After all, what nobleman would want to marry a woman so flawed?

Sir Bennet is returning home to protect his family from an imminent attack by neighboring lords who seek repayment of debts. Without fortune or means to pay those debts, Sir Bennet realizes his only option is … Continue reading

Review: A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody HedlundA Daring Sacrifice
Jody Hedlund

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The mysterious Cloaked Bandit lives in the forest of Wessex, robbing its nobility to feed peasants displaced when the current Lord usurped the lands. Now he combs the forest seeking the identity of the Bandit, unaware that in fact, she is the rightful heir to Wessex.

When the Cloaked Bandit robs a neighboring noble, Lord Collin recognizes the girl as his childhood friend. Concerned for her safety, he convinces her to stay a week in his home, far away from Lord Wessex’s soldiers. As he learns the terrible truths that led to Juliana’s impoverished circumstances, he vows to do something to help her. … Continue reading