The Owling by Robert Elmer

The Owling
Robert Elmer
Published October 12, 2008

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On her way home from the Shadowside, Oriannon’s shuttle is hijacked and forced to land on a small way station where a mysterious Owling risks his life to give her a strange stone for safekeeping. Soothed by his allegiance to Jesmet, but still puzzled over the whole thing, Oriannon agrees to keep the stone hidden. When she finally reaches home, things only continue getting more strange. Rumors of earthquakes and warped reports of what is happening to the Owling people, who live in the Shadowside, make Oriannon more and more nervous. But a bright star shines out of the dark. A new voice with an offer of hope she terms her Ultimate Solution for peace catches Oriannon’s ear. Oriannon instantly feels a connection with the new First Citizen, Sola. But there may be more to her promises than meets the eye. Can Oriannon discover the truth before she’s in too deep?

In this second book in the Shadowside Trilogy, Robert Elmer returns to the planet with two sides: The wealthy and advanced Coristans who live on the bright side of the planet, plundering resources from the Shadowside, where the mysterious Owlings live.

The Owling is a story of good and evil, that reminds us that we each have a choice to make, and that things are not always as they seem. I liked Oriannon’s character and found it easy to root for her throughout the story. The story’s world was interesting but didn’t blow me away. I think younger fans of the new Star Wars movies would probably enjoy this story.

Recommended for Ages 12 up.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
The story contains a retelling of some of the events in the book of Acts, and a message of pursuing Christ even in the midst of adversity.

Violent Content
There are some battle and capture sequences, but those are not graphic or explicit in nature.

Drug Content

Language: none

Sexual: none


Violence: There are some battle and capture sequences, but those are not graphic or explicit in nature.

Drug: none


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2 Responses to The Owling by Robert Elmer

  1. Call me ignorant, but what is an Owling?
    By the way, these reviews are great and extremely helpful. Thanks for taking this on!

    • kaseyheinly says:

      That’s actually a great question. The Owlings were an oppressed group of people in the story. Thanks!