Review: Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue by Jennifer DonnellyDeep Blue (Waterfire Saga Book One)
Jennifer Donnelly
Disney Hyperion
Published on May 6, 2014

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Dark dreams haunt Princess Serafina as she prepares to prove herself worthy to one day be Regina and rule her people. When an assassin attacks her mother and an army overtakes her home, Sera and her best friend are forced to flee for their lives. Could there be truth to the voices from Sera’s dreams? If she can find the ones she hears in her sleep, can they stop the evil force and restore Sera’s world to what it was?

As far as mermaid books go, Donnelly wins the award for best story world and most unique story ideas. If you’re rolling your eyes expecting there to be a human prince out there waiting for rescue, think again. This author has developed an entire Mer culture with rituals, history and complex political alliances with other Mer kingdoms. Delicious stuff. And instead of the familiar mermaid-longs-to-be-human-for-love theme, we experience an entirely different adventure full of danger and intrigue.

As a part of the ceremony in which Sera proves herself the rightful heir to the throne of her kingdom, she will pledge to marry her childhood sweetheart, Prince Madhi. Troubling rumors surround the young prince, and Sera fears he is no longer the friend and love she once knew him to be. In one scene in which Sera confronts the prince, he claims there’s more going on than she knows. As the story unfolded, I developed a pretty specific theory about what I think is going on. I’m anxious to read the second book in the series, Rogue Wave to learn if I’m right!

Language Content

Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
Sea witches chant a song about five mermaids gathering to stop a terrible evil from destroying their kingdoms. Mer people worship powerful ancestors who saved them when Atlantis fell, giving them tails, the ability to breathe under water, and the power to perform magic through song for protection.

Serafina and her friends are captured by an evil man who threatens to torture them and has already cut the thumb from another prisoner. Some brief details.

Battle scenes show armies fighting one another and civilians caught in the fray. Descriptions are brief.

Drug Content
Green pill.



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