Review: More Awesome Asian Americans by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin

More Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Citizens Energizing America by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin

More Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Citizens who Energized America
Phil Amara and Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Juan Calle
Published December 20, 2022

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About More Awesome Asian Americans

The sequel to the popular Awesome Asian Americans! Learn about 20 more trailblazers who have enriched the USA across a spectrum of occupations and interests.

These profiles of talented individuals are dynamically illustrated in full color. These diverse men and women will inspire the next generation to pursue their passions and make a difference.

Immigrants continue to enrich America. Learn key chapters of U.S. history not covered in school, and the amazing deeds of these pioneers. Challenged by discrimination and bias, these stars pushed forward to impact society and motivated others to do likewise.

Kids and adults will enjoy discovering a rainbow of role models. Teachers and librarians will appreciate this useful, groundbreaking anthology. Artist Juan Calle’s 60 spectacular color illustrations invigorate these relevant and meaningful portraits.

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My Review

I love the idea of this book. Some of the people featured were familiar faces and stories to me. For example, I grew up in a Star Trek family, so I was familiar with George Takei’s role in the show and some information about his life. Others were new to me. I particularly enjoyed reading about Dr. Isabella Aiona Abbot, who was an ethnobotanist who studied and categorized different types of seaweed. I also loved reading about Mira Nair, a filmmaker who made several movies that I’ve added to my watch list.

It seems like the people profiled in the book were all very well chosen. They represent diverse contributions, from athletes to scientists, humanitarians to politicians, artists to business leaders. The authors’ origins represent many different places in Asia, too.

The only thing I wished was done differently is the structure of the biographies themselves. I loved the content– they had a lot of great information in them. At times they were a little bit hard to follow, though. I think breaking them up into smaller chunks and using subheadings for things like early life, education, etc. would have helped me read more easily. A few biographies included facts about the industries the profiled person worked in or about things happening at that time historically. I think separating those things into a sidebar would have helped distinguish them from the biographical information.

On the whole, though, I think this is a great idea and the list of people represented are very well chosen. The illustrations are bright and engaging as well. If you liked THE PIRATE QUEENS by Leigh Lewis or GIRL WARRIORS by Rachel Sarah, you might want to check out this book for more great biographies.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 10 up.

The book presents the biographies of 20 Asian Americans from all different parts of Asia. It includes the biography of George Takei, who is gay. Also included is the biography of wheelchair racer Raymond Martin.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content
Mentions of marriages and divorces.

Spiritual Content
Some brief mentions of faith.

Violent Content
Mentions of war or invasion. Brief mentions of bombs killing or harming civilians.

Drug Content

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