Review: Trex by Christyne Morrell

Trex by Christyne Morrell

Christyne Morrell
Delacorte Press
Published August 30, 2022

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About Trex

This middle grade mystery follows the adventures of a boy with an experimental brain implant, and a reclusive girl training to be a spy, as they’re pitted against school bullies, their own parents, and an evil, brain-hacking corporation. Perfect for fans of STRANGER THINGS.

Trex’s experimental brain implant saved his life–but it also made his life a lot harder. Now he shocks everything he touches. When his overprotective mother finally agrees to send him to a real school for sixth grade, Trex is determined to fit in.

He wasn’t counting on Mellie the Mouse. She lives in the creepiest house in Hopewell Hill, where she spends her time scowling, lurking, ignoring bullies, and training to be a spy. Mellie is convinced she saw lightning shoot from Trex’s fingertips, and she is Very Suspicious.

And she should be . . . but not of Trex. Someone mysterious is lurking in the shadows . . . someone who knows a dangerous secret.

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My Review

I had a lot of fun reading this book. I loved both Mellie and Trex (though I kept stumbling over his name and calling him T. Rex). It was easy to get drawn into the small town of Hopewell with its Mom Squad and the statue of the Unnamed Girl.

Mellie’s shyness and loneliness both resonated with me, too. I love that the story is partly her journey toward better understanding herself and her own needs. The friendship between her and Trex is so sweet, too. I loved the way they both needed each other for different reasons. And the way that pursuing a mystery brought them together.

Another thing that will stick with me is the note from the author about her own experience with anxiety and being an introvert. I love that she shared something so personal and the way her own life intersects (and differs from) Mellie’s experiences. The note was really gentle and encouraging. I know that for me at the age Mellie is in the story, being an introvert wasn’t something that was really celebrated, especially at school. So I love that there’s some focus and encouragement for introverted readers.

I think readers who enjoy books like FLORA & ULYSSES by Kate DiCamillo or HONESTLY ELLIOT by Gillian McDunn will enjoy TREX.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

Mellie has anxiety.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content

Violent Content
Situations of peril. Adults drug a child. In one scene, a man throws a child into a pit, intending serious injury.

Drug Content
Adults drug a child with a sedative.

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