Review: Spare Parts (Young Readers’ Edition) by Joshua Davis and Reyna Grande

Spare Parts Young Reader's Edition by Joshua Davis cover shows a cartoon drawing of a square machine with the photographs of four teens' faces around it.

Spare Parts: The True Story of Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and an Impossible Dream (Young Readers’ Edition)
Joshua Davis and Reyna Grande
Farrar, Straus, & Giroux
Published May 30, 2023

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About Spare Parts

A riveting true story about dreams, dedication, and an amazing robot named Stinky, based on Joshua Davis’ New York Times bestseller and now adapted for young readers by bestselling Mexican American author Reyna Grande.

In 2004, four undocumented Mexican teenagers arrived at the national underwater robotics championship at the University … Continue reading

Review: No Perfect Places by Steven Salvatore

No Perfect Places by Steven Salvatore

No Perfect Places
Steven Salvatore
Bloomsbury YA
Published May 30, 2023

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About No Perfect Places

From lauded author Steven Salvatore comes a YA about twins whose incarcerated father dies and leaves behind a life-changing secret.

When their father was imprisoned for embezzlement, twins Alex and Olly Brucke lost everything except their strong bond with each other. But after their dad dies unexpectedly, the twins start to fracture. Alex is spiraling, skipping classes to get drunk or high. Olly is struggling with a secret his dad ordered him to keep: they have a secret half-brother, Tyler.

So when Tyler shows up in their lakeside town for … Continue reading

10 Incredible Graphic Novels to Read This Year

10 Incredible Graphic Novels Coming Out in 2023

10 Incredible Graphic Novels Coming Out in 2023

Graphic novels are a book form that sneaked up on me. I think the first one I read for review here (which blew me away) was ESTRANGED: THE CHANGELING KING by Ethan Aldridge. Once I feasted my eyes on that incredible story, I knew there was no going back. Since then, I’ve built a list of graphic novel writers and artists whose work is too good to be missed. Here are the ones with books coming out this year.

Notably absent is Tim Probert, whose third book in the Lightfall series I’m eagerly anticipating. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

Review: Julieta and the Romeos by Maria E. Andreu

Julieta and the Romeos by Marie E. Andreu cover shows a girl holding a pen thinking at a desk. In front of her is an open book and mug. Roses extend toward her from the edges of the image.

Julieta and the Romeos
Maria E. Andreu
Balzer + Bray
Published May 16, 2023

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About Julieta and the Romeos

You’ve Got Mail meets a YA Beach Read with a bookish mystery at its heart in the newest rom-com from Maria E. Andreu. The ideal next read for fans of Emily Henry, Kasie West, and Jennifer E. Smith.

Julieta isn’t looking for her Romeo–but she is writing about love. When her summer writing teacher encourages the class to … Continue reading

14 Underhyped YA Books Worth Reading

14 Underhyped Young Adult Books Worth Reading

14 Underhyped YA Books Worth Reading

I was emailing with an author of one of my favorite books from last year, and I realized it’s been a while since I shared a list of the books that I loved that just didn’t seem to get the hype they deserved. Some of these were published during the early days of Covid, when authors canceled book signings, school visits, and other bookish events. A few of these underhyped YA titles are from the ancient days before the pandemic changed life as we knew it. Others were published more recently– perhaps a victim of Barnes & Noble’s switch to carrying mostly paperbacks? I’m not sure what the deal … Continue reading

Review: Constellations by Kate Glasheen

Constellations by Kate Glasheen

Kate Glasheen
Holiday House
Published May 23, 2023

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About Constellations

A debut graphic novel about a queer teen living in the margins who is determined to find their way ahead.

Are you supposed to be a boy or a girl?

It’s a question that follows Claire everywhere. Inescapable on the street, in school, and even at home. A black hole forever trying to pull them in. But as long as they have ride-or-die best friend Greg at their side and a drink in their hand, everything will be okay. Right?

Except, Claire can never have just one drink. … Continue reading