Standing in the Gap: Ministry Offers Hope out of Crumbling School System

From Planting Churches to Cultivating Schools

More than 35 years ago, Steve Phillips and his wife Colleen moved across the globe to Chile to follow the call of ministry and leadership and plant Christian churches. Ministering to families through opening a school wasn’t something the family had really considered.

But as their own children reached school-age, Steve and Colleen began to worry about their own educational opportunities.

“In 1982, after having made Chile our home for five years, our two boys were beginning their school experience… At that time, only a handful of Christian schools existed, all private and expensive—out of our financial and geographical range,” says Steve Phillips of Christian World Mission, administrator over ten Christian schools in Chile. “Even though I have a degree in Christian Education, our original commitment was to plant churches. God had granted amazing growth in just a few years. But we began to … Continue reading

Book Box Auction Supports Children in Chile

This month marks the anniversary of this book review blog, and as a way to celebrate, this week we are auctioning four very special book boxes on Ebay. All week I’ll be posting information on the boxes and on the very special school ministry in Chile which will receive all proceeds from the auction.

Here are the boxes, which include not only current popular YA novels, but also some snacks and other surprises. Click the picture below to visit the ebay listing!

DystopianFantasy_HavenDrama Continue reading