March 2017 Monthly Wrap-Up

This month’s big to-do was ApollyCon, which I had the pleasure of attending for the first time as a volunteer. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, ApollyCon is sponsored by Jennifer Armentrout and 1001 Dark Nights and is a huge, two day book-signing extravaganza.

Out of the over 70 authors, there were really only a handful that I’ve read before, since many write new adult, which I don’t get much chance to read. (I’ve got my hands full with young adult and middle grade as it is!) This might sound like I had fewer reasons to attend ApollyCon, but actually, I have to say two things. First, it was about an hour from my house, so not much expense … Continue reading

My Steampunk Book Fairy Costume

For my birthday this year, my mom surprised me with something incredible. She made a costume for me! Not only is it a pretty freaking awesome outfit, she also incorporated some of the authors and stories that most inspire me, and even a reference to my own recently completed manuscript. So today I’m going to show off my spectacular gift and talk a little about each piece.

Newsboy Cap and Steampunk Goggles

Book Fairy Steampunk Goggles

We already had the newsboy cap, but the steampunk goggles are made using this tutorial from Dark Revette. I love the gears and chains on the sides of them.

Steampunk Story Choker Necklace

Book Fairy Steampunk Choker Necklace Continue reading