Review: Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky (Hooky #1)
Míriam Bonastre Tur
Clarion Books
Published September 7, 2021

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About Hooky

Two twins, one prophecy, and a whole lot of hijinks. From WEBTOON, the #1 digital comic platform, comes a fantastical story about twin siblings Dani and Dorian who have missed the bus to magic school and scramble to find a mentor to teach them before their parents find out. Perfect for fans of THE OKAY WITCH and the 5 Worlds series. 

When Dani and Dorian missed the bus to magic school, they never thought they’d wind up declared traitors to their own kind! … Continue reading

Review: Skandar and the Phantom Rider by A. F. Steadman

Skandar and the Phantom Rider by A. F. Steadman cover shows a boy on a unicorn in the foreground with a wave forming into the shape of a unicorn in the background.

Skandar and the Phantom Rider (Skandar #2)
A. F. Steadman
Simon & Schuster
Published May 3, 2023

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About Skandar and the Phantom Rider

The Island shall have its revenge . . .

Skandar Smith has achieved his dream to train as a unicorn rider.

But as Skandar and his friends enter their second year at the Eyrie, a new threat arises. Immortal wild unicorns are somehow being killed, a prophecy warns of terrible danger, and elemental destruction begins … Continue reading