Upcoming Reviews: August 2015

escape-from-sudanEscape From Sudan by Amanda DiCianni: I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this book for some time. I think novels like this can be a great tool to introduce kids to world events.

scar-girlScar Girl by Len Vlahos: After the intense ride of book one, it was pretty much a given that I’d want to read and review the sequel to The Scar Boys. I’m eager to find out what has happened to the boys since the end of their last adventure, and I’m curious about the format of the book. I’ve heard the story is related through an interview format, which sounds different and fun.

dream-things-trueDream Things True by Marie Marquardt: This one caught my eye on Netgalley. It’s described as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet type story about a rich boy who falls in love with a girl whose entire family are undocumented immigrants. This is a pretty touchy issue politically right now, but I’m really curious to see how Marquardt weaves her tale and what she leaves her readers thinking about. It’s easy to have opinions about statistics and numbers. When we start seeing (or even imagining) faces and names behind the issues, they become so much more complicated.

tornTorn by Avery Hastings: At last! So you’ve already heard me rave about how much I looked forward to this book. On 8/7 I’ll be participating in a blog tour and will finally unveil my own review of this amazing story.

mercys-princeMercy’s Prince by Katy Huth Jones: I received a request for review from author Katy Huth Jones and after reading the first few pages on Amazon, I couldn’t say no. I’m excited to read more of this fantasy novel.

state-of-graceState of Grace by Hilary Badger: This is another book that caught my eye on Netgalley. In YA, there are tons of dystopian stories… this will be the first utopian story I’ve ever read.

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