2023 End-of-Year Reading Goals Check-In

2023 End-of-Year Reading Goals Check-in

2023 End-of-Year Reading Goals Check-In

I had some super ambitious goals last year, and while I didn’t meet every single one, I did manage to keep track of them throughout the year. I’m giving myself a hefty sum of bonus points for being on top of things. Ha!

In keeping with my organizational streak, I wanted to post this recap of where I ended up by the end of the year. Here is my 2023 end-of-year reading goals check-in.

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Goal: Read 150 Books

Books Read: 235

I knew when I set this goal that it was very likely I’d read well over it. At the time, I was reading a little more than three books per week, plus maybe an audiobook or two each month. At my peak, I was reading 5-6 books per week, but that was really not a sustainable pace for me. Keep in mind that I read a lot of middle-grade books and graphic novels. So these aren’t always 400 pages of dense text. This stat looks a lot more impressive than it actually is. Haha!

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Goal: Read 3-5 Classics

Classics Read: 5

At my last check-in, I’d read four books I’m calling classics, and since then, I read Anne Frank’s Diary of a Girl and the graphic adaptation.

One of the classics at the top of my list to read was The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. I’ve read half of it, but still need to finish it.

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Goal: Read 3-5 Backlist Nonfiction Titles

Backlist nonfiction titles read: 10

Thank you, reading tracker spreadsheet, for proving to me that I read a lot more backlist nonfiction than I thought! A few highlights: CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson, DISFIGURED by Amanda Leduc, MEG, JO, BETH, AND AMY by Amy Boyd Rioux, and HUNT, GATHER, PARENT by Michaeleen Doucleff.

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Goal: Read 10-12 Backlist Titles

Backlist Titles Read: 66

Initially, when I made this goal, I envisioned myself picking books off my shelf that have been on my reading list for a super long time and counting those books toward a goal. What ended up working really well for me was to take on a challenge (or two) to help inspire my backlist reading choices.

So, I participated in the 2023 Beat the Backlist Challenge and the 2023 Book Riot Read Hard(er) Challenge, which helped me read 66 books that came out before 2023. Pretty much knocked that one out of the park. (Special thanks to audiobooks and graphic novels.)

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Reading Challenges

Read Harder: 19 of 24

Beat the Backlist: 36 of 52

I mentioned already that I belatedly joined a couple of reading challenges. Though I didn’t fully complete either one, I am happy with my progress. I ended up reading a lot more backlist titles than my original backlist reading plans, so I’m calling it a goal met.

Both challenges proved to be great experiences for me this time. I will definitely try them again in 2024.

Book List Post Goals: 12-16 Top Ten Tuesday Posts

Top Ten Tuesday Lists Posted: 8

My original goal was to participate in three to four Top Ten Tuesday posts per quarter. I posted eight Top Ten lists, four shy of my goal but better than the year before. I think I posted only two in 2022.

I’ll reroll this one for 2024 and see if I can hit my goal this time around.

Green Checkmark means Goal Achieved!

Book List Post Goals: Seasonal Lists

Another list goal I set for myself was to post seasonal lists of the most-anticipated and best books I read for middle-grade and young adult fiction. I also wanted to post more holiday lists.

One thing I stumbled onto that I LOVE is the idea of doing a seasonal backlist reading update. I love this because it means I can talk about the backlist titles that I read every three months rather than waiting to ever speak about them until I can squeeze them into my calendar.

I didn’t manage to hit every single list I wanted to, but I am proud of the ones I did post this year.

Retail and Goodreads Reviews

I’m not even going to try to check this one out. I already know this was a miserable failure for me this year. I work best when I have a system, and I simply don’t have that for this part of the process. If you have a good system for sharing retail and Goodreads reviews, please let me know in the comments!

This is another goal that I’ll put back on my list for 2024.

Work on My Own Projects

Ugh. I didn’t really make any measurable progress here, either. Frankly, I agreed to review too many books to begin with. Then I also tried to review all the unsolicited books I received from publishers since I usually don’t get many. I think they’re onto me, though, because I got a lot more than I expected this year.

Additionally, I started a new job in September, and it took up a lot more time than I anticipated. I love the work, and I’m learning a lot, though, so I really can’t complain. It’s basically writing plus spreadsheets. I mean… that is one hundred percent my wheelhouse!

PLUS I was basically sick from September to early November and again right at Christmas. That threw me off a bit, too.

But yeah… all that combined meant that I tabled my projects. Here I am a year later, wondering what on earth to do about that. To be continued, I guess.

Did you meet your 2023 Reading Goals?

Now that you’ve seen the very mixed results of my 2023 end-of-year reading goals check-in, maybe you feel brave enough to tell me about your reading goals? Leave me a comment about the reading achievement you’re most proud of from last year or something you’ve set as a reading goal this year.

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2 Responses to 2023 End-of-Year Reading Goals Check-In

  1. Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf says:

    I love this round-up of your goals, Kasey, and it’s impressive how many of them you met! Even with reading MG and graphic novels, fitting 235 books into the year is wildly impressive—I could never pull that off.

    Also, I don’t know what your Goodreads experience has been like, but I gave up on trying to post reviews over there—it always felt like a lot of work, reformatting my rambling thoughts for mass consumption! So I’m afraid I don’t have much advice.

    It’s no fun that you weren’t able to fit your personal projects in much this year—and especially no fun that being sick twice is part of the reason! I am glad that you’re getting into a rhythm with your new job, though—it sounds really cool.

    One last thing—I had no idea you had a book on how authors can network with book bloggers, and that is so cool!! Thanks so much for the wonderful post, and enjoy your week!

    • Kasey says:

      Thanks! It helps that I am able to devote a lot of time to reading and blogging. 🙂 Yeah… I’m really not sure what to do about Goodreads and retail reviews. I know authors need them, and I want to support them, but it’s hard to keep up with everything. Haha! Yeah… honestly the book started out because I’d get so many requests from self-published authors who clearly had no idea how to pitch their books to reviewers. I wanted to help, and a book seemed like a good way to do that. I hope you have a great week, too! Thanks for stopping by.