Review: Forging Silver into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer

Forging Silver Into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer

Forging Silver Into Stars
Brigid Kemmerer
Bloomsbury YA
Published May 3, 2022

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About Forging Silver into Stars

When ancient magic tests a newfound love, a dark fate beckons . . .

Magic has been banished in the land of Syhl Shallow for as long as best friends Jax and Callyn can remember. They once loved the stories of the powerful magesmiths and mythical scravers who could conjure fire or control ice, but now they’ve learned that magic only leads to danger: magic is what killed Callyn’s parents, leaving her alone to raise her younger sister. Magic never helped Jax, whose leg was crushed in an accident that his father has been punishing him for ever since. Magic won’t save either of them when the tax collector comes calling, threatening to take their homes if they can’t pay what they owe.

Meanwhile, Jax and Callyn are astonished to learn magic has returned to Syhl Shallow — in the form of a magesmith who’s now married to their queen. Now, the people of Syhl Shallow are expected to allow dangerous magic in their midst, and no one is happy about it.

When a stranger rides into town offering Jax and Callyn silver in exchange for holding secret messages for an anti-magic faction, the choice is obvious — even if it means they may be aiding in a plot to destroy their new king. It’s a risk they’re both willing to take. That is, until another visitor arrives: handsome Lord Tycho, the King’s Courier, the man who’s been tasked with discovering who’s conspiring against the throne.

Suddenly, Jax and Callyn find themselves embroiled in a world of shifting alliances, dangerous flirtations, and ancient magic . . . where even the deepest loyalties will be tested.

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My Review

It felt so good to be back in Emberfall and Syhl Shallow! FORGING SILVER INTO STARS has some cameos by some of my favorite characters from the Cursebreakers series— Rhen and Harper, Grey and Lia Mara… and especially Tycho. Yay! Also, Nakiis, Iisak’s son! I love that he was part of this, and I’m super intrigued to see where the plot concerning him goes next.

So the story is told from three points of view: Jax, Callyn, and Tycho. I loved getting to see Tycho’s point of view after watching him as a minor character in the other series. He’s all grown up now and kind of caught between loyalties. I loved him immediately.

It was also really great to see different sides of Rhen and Grey. I loved the scenes with Rhen especially. (Still Team Rhen!) I also liked the way that Tycho’s history with each of them impacted what he decided to do, and the way his relationship with each of them changed how he thought about the other. Hopefully that makes sense.

In terms of the story itself, I loved the intrigue and the pursuit of figuring out the plot against the crown. I’m intrigued by some of the minor characters. I feel like there’s lots of story for the rest of the series to explore. I hope the next book has a lot more of Callyn in it, because I feel like she kind of got overshadowed by Jax and Tycho a little bit, and I liked her a lot.

On the whole, I feel like this book lived up to all the expectations I have for the story world. I am definitely going to be reading the rest of the series. I already can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 16 up.

Two boys are in a romantic relationship. Jax’s foot was amputated after his leg was crushed by a carriage.

Profanity/Crude Language Content
Mild profanity used infrequently.

Romance/Sexual Content – Content warning for rape.
Kissing between two boys. In one scene there’s a brief mention of some sexual touching. Kissing between a boy and girl. One scene shows sexual touching.

There’s also reference to a boy who was raped by soldiers. There’s no description of the events, but the trauma he feels is pretty clear.

Spiritual Content
Some characters have the ability to use magic.

Violent Content – Content warning for abuse and miscarriage.
Situations of peril and battle scenes. References to and brief descriptions of torture.

Jax’s dad is a violent alcoholic who attacks him in multiple scenes.

One character who has been pregnant loses her baby. It’s not exactly *violent* per se, but I wanted to include it here because I know if you’ve had a miscarriage, reading about them can be difficult.

Drug Content
Tycho and Jax drink wine together. Jax’s dad is an abusive alcoholic.

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2 Responses to Review: Forging Silver into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. Zalia says:

    Great review 🙂 would you say you have to have read the Cursebreaker series to really appreciate the returning characters?

    I did read the series, but it was a while ago and I seem to have forgotten absolutely everything, haha!

    • Kasey says:

      That’s a really good question. I think she covers at least most of the key information in this one, reminding us who everybody is and what critical things happened before. There were things I’d forgotten, too. I think you could read Forging Silver into Stars without a refresher. ?