Review: Seekers of the Lost Boy by Taryn Hayes

Seekers of the Lost Boy by Taryn HaynesSeekers of the Lost Boy
Taryn Hayes
Published May 3, 2013

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A light at the water’s edge prompts twelve year-old Simon to leave his family and return to the shore one last time. There he finds a bottle containing a message that will send his family on an incredible quest. The author of the message, a young boy, simply asks: Who is God and does he care about me?

As Simon’s family discusses their own answers, he can’t help wanting to communicate with this boy who asked the question so many years ago. With their father’s permission, Simon’s mother helps Simon locate the man who wrote the message. His story forces them to face dark moments from the past in a new way and to look on the future with greater hope and peace.

In a charming story set in South Africa, author Taryn Hayes reveals snippets of history along with explorations of one of life’ biggest questions. The result is a sweet story of Believers across lines of races and generations and a message that knowing God and finding hope in Him is the only foundation for inner peace.

Seekers of the Lost Boy on AmazonLanguage Content

Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
Simon’s dad believes in God, but his mother does not. The family meets a man who tells them about his own spiritual journey and how he became a Christian.

A man very briefly tells of a time he and his grandfather were beaten by a policeman.

Drug Content

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