Review: Siren’s Song by Mary Weber

Siren's Song by Mary Weber

Siren’s Song (Storm Siren #3)
Mary Weber
Thomas Nelson
Published March 1, 2016

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About Siren’s Song

After a devastating loss at Tulla, Nym and her companions must bring dire news to the Cashlin queen: Draewolf has kidnapped Princess Rasha, Nym’s best friend. Instead of rallying her people to war, the queen and her Luminescent guards force access to Nym’s buried memories. Through them, the queen offers Nym a haunting prediction of the future and a choice Nym will be forced to make which could save or ruin everyone.

My Review

One of the things I look forward to in the last book in a series is the opportunity to revisit big moments from earlier books—the kinds of things that sort of become like inside jokes to series fans. While this tale is as action-packed and intense as either of the earlier books, there’s also no shortage of those satisfying exchanges that either harken back to something awesome or finally give you that moment you’ve spent the whole series hoping for.

We finally get to know more about Nym’s history. Myles… okay, I won’t spoil, but there are some really cool developments there which really make him this deep character that I really came to appreciate (saying a lot since I don’t think I was a big fan of him prior to this book.) Oh! And remember the boy Nym met on her passage to Bron in Siren’s Fury? He’s back. And so much fun. His lines were possibly some of my favorite.

Because of the politics of the earliest chapters of this book, I’d recommend starting with an earlier book in the series if you haven’t already. I think I read Siren’s Fury first and followed it fine, though it made more sense when I went back and read the first book, Storm Siren. I think this third book won’t be nearly as rewarding a read if you haven’t at least read the second book, which happened to also be my favorite.


Content Notes for Siren’s Song

Profanity/Crude Language Content
Nym and others utter curses like hulls and bolcrane.

Romance/Sexual Content
Nym walks in on Eogan while he’s washing. He covers himself with a towel, and she’s horribly embarrassed, but also affected by seeing him.

Nym is a former slave who worked for some pretty brutal owners. There are a couple of moments in which her past comes back to haunt her. If you’re sensitive to those sorts of abuse memories, be aware that this story might be a trigger. There’s no graphic description of abuse, but you can tell Nym has suffered some trauma and she relives some of the fear associated with her past.

Spiritual Content
References to the Creator and some lore about how abilities came to be. Myles and Draewolf have unnatural abilities acquired from a witch. These abilities can only be used to destroy.

Violent Content
Draewolf uses his ability to step inside someone’s skin (literally) to absorb their abilities. The description of the process is brief but causes more than one death. Battle scenes between Nym’s people and Draewolf’s Dead Army are described in some detail. The Dead Army is kind of icky, too. They are crafted from human and bolcrane (monster) parts.

Drug Content
The dark abilities act almost like a kind of drug, with an addicting component and, in Myles’s case, inducing a trance-like state with some enhanced capabilities.


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