Review: The Great Cookie War by Caroline Stellings

The Great Cookie War by Caroline Stellings

The Great Cookie War
Caroline Stellings
Second Story Press
Published April 13, 2021

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About The Great Cookie War

Life in her traditional Mennonite community is peaceful if a little dull for twelve-year-old Beth, who dreams of being an artist. One day excitement shows up in the form of a determined lawyer from New York who insists she needs a family cookie recipe to win a million-dollar lawsuit.

Beth’s parents are bemused, but her grandmother is determined that the recipe will not leave her kitchen. As Beth tries to balance her love for her family and faith with the promise of adventure in New York, she learns that she is stronger than she believes.

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My Review

So, two things I loved about this that didn’t get enough attention in the cover copy:

  1. It’s based on or inspired by (I’m not quite sure where the line is there) real events! There really was a lawsuit about cookies where one company had a patent for a cookie recipe which produced cookies that were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When another company made and sold cookies with a similar claim, they were sued. The Mennonites were involved because a woman had written a cookbook with Mennonite recipes called FOOD THAT REALLY SCHMECKS. The lawyer representing the company that had been sued wanted to see the family recipe for rigglevake cookies, a type of spiral cookie made with two types of dough: one that came out crispy and one that came out soft.
  2. Beth is the real star of the show. The whole cookie conundrum places her in a position where she’s watching two strong-willed women facing off, each pushing hard for what they want. That experience encourages her to speak up for herself and pursue the art classes she dreams of. Then, she faces a choice: guaranteed opportunity to go to art school if only she’ll swipe the recipe book from her family without their permission.

It’s probably obvious from all that, but I enjoyed reading this book. It’s got peppy, fun characters and a great setting as well as some really cool scenes exploring and celebrating Mennonite life. I think readers who enjoyed PIE by Sarah Weeks will absolutely need to read this one.

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Content Notes for The Great Cookie War

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

Beth and her family are Mennonites.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
Beth and her family are Mennonites.

Violent Content

Drug Content

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