Review: The Princess Who Flew with Dragons by Stephanie Burgis

The Princess Who Flew with Dragons by Stephanie Burgess

The Princess Who Flew with Dragons (Tales of the Chocolate Heart #3)
Stephanie Burgis
Bloomsbury USA Kids
Published November 5, 2019

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About The Princess Who Flew with Dragons

Princess Sofia of Drachenheim is sick of being used for her older sister’s political gains. At twelve years old, she’s already been a hostage to invading dragons and a promised future fiancé to a wicked fairy. Her only comfort lies in writing letters to her pen pal and best friend–Jasper, a young dragon whom she’s never even met.

When Sofia’s older sister sends her on a diplomatic mission to far-off Villenne, she’s meant to play the part of a charming, smiling princess. But when an accident leads to her exile from the city, Sofia is free to wander as she pleases for the first time in her life. And when Jasper’s food-mage sister Aventurine turns him into a human boy, Sofia thinks life can’t get any better. Until… the legendary ice giants of the north attack, trying to reclaim the territory that they lost centuries ago. With the dragons and royals frozen in ice, can Sofia and Jasper save their families and kingdom?

Another enchanting and strong-hearted fantasy, set in the same world as The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and The Girl with the Dragon Heart.

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My Review

THE PRINCESS WHO FLEW WITH DRAGONS is the third book in the series that began with THE DRAGON WITH A CHOCOLATE HEART. All three have been amazing stories– packed with so many positive messages and heart that I can’t stop recommending them to others.

All three books feature strong heroines who feel isolated from others and face circumstances that force them to learn how to trust others and be a good friend. Some moments are silly and lighthearted, giving the books a sense of fun and keeping them upbeat. Each girl faces high stakes, so the story also packs a great pace and lots of adventure.

I also really like that each girl has a special talent that helps her in sometimes unexpected ways. In book one, Aventurine has a talent for making chocolate. In book two, Silke is a storyteller. Book three’s heroine loves philosophy.

Sofia’s love of philosophy at first seems to set her against her family and be an obstacle she may have to overcome, but Sofia soon realizes that her ability to break things down into philosophical questions gives her an advantage against her enemies.

I feel like I could go on and on about this series. I love these books. I love the excellent blend of fun and adventure coupled with lessons about relationships and having confidence in your talents. I highly recommend all three books.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

The whole story contains a lot of messages about how fear of others and isolationism cause harm and hurt to a lot of people. Over and over characters learn that we need one another, and that differences can be needed assets.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content
The story contains fantasy characters (like dragons, goblins, etc.) and the use of magic.

Violent Content
Some brief battle scenes using magic between ice giants and Sofia’s allies. Situations of peril, but nothing gory or graphic.

Drug Content

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