17 Amazing YA Books Coming Out Winter 2021

17 Amazing YA Books Coming Out Winter 2021

17 Amazing Books You Need to Read Coming Out Winter 2021

It took me so long to post this that the title probably should read, “Books You May Have Missed From Winter 2021.” I’m still trying to find my normal after a miscarriage right at the end of the year, so many of my best laid plans have just not come about. Not going to lie– it was rough, and some days I’m still overwhelmed thinking about it.

Having new books to celebrate and look forward to has helped, though. I’m excited to talk about a few of my favorites here, and I hope you’ll check them out.

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Best Middle Grade Books from Spring 2020

Best Middle Grade Books from 2020

I don’t know if I’m reading more books than usual because of trying to stay home and avoid COVID-19, or if I’ve just got better contacts and a better sense of the middle grade book world these days, or if I’ve just gotten incredible lucky, but it seems like there have been a LOT of really amazing books published this year.

This list will focus on middle grade books, which are aimed at kids 8 to 12. I’ll do a separate post featuring young adult books, because there have been some fabulous titles there, too.

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