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Review and Reminiscence: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten BoomThe Hiding Place
Corrie Ten Boom with John Sherrill and Elizabeth Sherrill
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Nazi occupation during World War II changes watchmaker Corrie Ten Boom’s life. Her deep empathy and faith lead her to become a central participant in the underground movement to protect Jews and others on the run from the Nazi government. Corrie and her family know that at any time, they may be captured and sent to the very camps they work to save others from. Still, with every new challenge, Corrie and her sister Betsie cling to their faith in God and look to Him for the path they should follow. What results is a moving, often miraculous story of a woman who not only survived terrible conditions, but who continued to minister healing to the hearts and souls of those around her – be they Jew, Gentile or Nazi.

I had wanted to post my review of this story on Mother’s Day or on Monday, May 11, to honor my mom’s birthday. The Hiding Place is her favorite book. I remember her reading this tale to my sister and me when we were young – probably only a little older than my daughter is now. I remember even then being overwhelmed by Corrie’s commitment to serve others. She’s so real about the struggles within her own heart, too – fear of prison, the struggle between taking action to protect herself and her sister versus selflessly giving to others in all circumstances. Her life story reminds us that each of us can make a difference in the lives of those around us. That courage and selfless love are available to anyone – provided they learn to live by faith.

This may have been the first account I’d ever read growing up that was about World War II, so it’s been a special story to me, too, in that my other reading and learning about that time period always bears echoes of Corrie’s story. When my daughter gets just a little bit older, I am excited to share the story of the Ten Boom family, their faith and courage, with her, as my mom did with me.

Language Content
No profanity.

Sexual Content
Corrie and her sister are forced to walk naked before soldiers upon their entrance to a concentration camp.

Spiritual Content
Corrie’s Christian faith sustains her and her sister through Nazi occupation of Holland and imprisonment in a concentration camp. She and her family frequently pray with one another and share the Bible, which they count as their most precious possession.

Corrie is beaten by a Nazi soldier – description is brief, not very detailed. She hears her sister also beaten and witnesses others who’ve been brutalized by soldiers. There’s not a lot of violent description.

Drug Content

Take a Virtual Tour of the Ten Boom Museum
In looking for cover images, I stumbled onto a web site that offers a virtual tour of the Ten Boom Museum and shows some pictures of the family and shop where she lived. (It looks like possibly there are some clips from the 1975 movie too?) Click here to take the tour and find out more.