Review: The Hunting Moon by Susan Dennard

The Hunting Moon by Susan Dennard cover shows a bird's skeleton, wings outstretched, with vines and blue flowers woven through the wing bones.

The Hunting Moon (The Luminaries #2)
Susan Dennard
Tor Teen
Published November 7, 2023

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About The Hunting Moon

The highly anticipated sequel to THE LUMINARIES by New York Times bestselling author Susan Dennard.

Winnie Wednesday has gotten everything she thought she wanted. She passed the deadly hunter trials, her family has been welcomed back into the Luminaries, and overnight, she has become a local celebrity.

The Girl Who Jumped. The Girl Who Got Bitten.

Unfortunately, it all … Continue reading

Review: Out There by Seaerra Miller

Out There by Seaerra Miller

Out There
Seaerra Miller
Little, Brown Ink
Published June 27, 2023

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About Out There

A touching, out-of-this-world graphic novel about a daughter, her father, and the aliens that may or may not be speaking to him.

Julia didn’t always believe in aliens.

It was her father who convinced her otherwise. You see—Julia’s dad believes he was abducted by aliens. And ever since then, he’s been obsessed with the extraterrestrial beings living out there.

So when a festival commemorating the 75th anniversary of the infamous UFO crash in New Mexico rolls around, Julia turns down a dream vacation to Hawaii with her best friend, Sara, … Continue reading

Review: Gone Wolf by Amber McBride

Gone Wolf by Amber McBride cover shows a girl with curly hair and dark skin. A pair of light-skinned hands cover her eyes. The eyes of a wolf appear over her collar bones.

Gone Wolf
Amber McBride
Feiwel & Friends
Published October 3, 2023

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About Gone Wolf

Award-winning author Amber McBride lays bare the fears of being young and Black in America, in this middle-grade novel that has been compared to the work of Jordan Peele and praised as ” brilliantly inventive storytelling” by Publishers Weekly.

In the future, a Black girl known only as Inmate Eleven is kept confined — to be used as … Continue reading

Review: Learning to Fall by Sally Engelfried

Learning to Fall by Sally Engelfried

Learning to Fall
Sally Engelfried
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published September 6, 2023

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About Learning to Fall

Twelve-year-old Daphne reconciles with her father, who left her stranded three years ago and learns forgiveness one fall at a time in this heartwarming debut by Sally Engelfried. For fans of The​ First Rule of Punk.

Daphne doesn’t want to be stuck in Oakland with her dad. She wants to get on the first plane to Prague, where her mom is shooting a movie. Armed with her grandparents’ phone number and strict instructions from her mom to call them if her dad starts drinking again, Daphne … Continue reading

Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak: The Graphic Novel by Robert Beatty adapted by Michael Moreci and art by Braeden Sherrell

Serafina and the Black Cloak The Graphic Novel by Robert Beatty, Michael Moreci, and Braeden Sherrell cover shows the dark silhouette of a cloaked figure with glowing eyes and at its center, in a lighted space, a girl.

Serafina and the Black Cloak: The Graphic Novel
Robert Beatty
Adapted by Michael Moreci
Art by Braeden Sherrell
Disney Hyperion
Published April 4, 2023

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About Serafina and the Black Cloak: The Graphic Novel

Robert Beatty’s best-selling gothic fantasy about an unforgettable heroine is now a mesmerizing graphic novel with rich, atmospheric illustrations.

“The story drips with suspense, wrapping readers into the narrative just as easily as the man in the black cloak binds his young victims.” … Continue reading

Review: A Million to One by Adiba Jaigirdar

A Million to One by Adiba Jaigirdar

A Million to One
Adiba Jaigirdar
Published December 13, 2022

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About A Million to One

Adiba Jaigirdar, author of one of Time‘s Best YA books of all time, gives Titanic an Ocean’s 8 makeover in a heist for a treasure aboard the infamous ship that sank in the Atlantic many years ago.

A thief. An artist. A acrobat. An actress. While Josefa, Emilie, Hinnah, and Violet seemingly don’t have anything in common, they’re united in one goal: stealing the Rubaiyat, a jewel-encrusted book aboard the RMS Titanic that just might be the golden ticket to solving their problems.

But careless mistakes, old grudges, and new romance threaten … Continue reading