Review: The Second Favorite Daughters Club: Sister Sabotage by Colleen Oakes

Second Favorite Daughters Club 1: Sister Sabotage by Colleen Oakes

The Second Favorite Daughters Club: Sister Sabotage
Colleen Oakes
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Published April 2, 2024

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About The Second Favorite Daughters Club: Sister Sabotage

For fans of Sisters and Netflix’s The Baby-sitter’s Club, a contemporary series for the siblings who always come in last.

Santana Barnes is tired of playing second fiddle to her ballet protégé, honor student older sister Victoria. Casey Hammond is sick of her cute-as-a-button, adventurous little sister Sage, who steals all of their dad’s attention.

When the girls meet in their middle school library, they learn they have a lot in common: they both love reading, hate after-school activities, and most important, are clearly their parents’ second-favorite children.

Together, they create the Second Favorite Daughters Club. The members? Just the two of them. The mission? To become their parents’ favorite children by undermining their love-hoarding siblings. But is it possible to cheat your way to becoming your parents’ favorite kid?

Bestselling author Colleen Oakes’s middle-grade debut, SISTER SABOTAGE is a celebration of friendship and family in all its challenging forms, and a reminder that there’s no one way to stand out.

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My Review

I love sister books. Sister relationships can be complex and challenging, but sometimes, even when it’s those things, there’s no one who defends you like a sister.

One of the things that I really appreciated about SISTER SABOTAGE is that Casey has an annoying younger sister but is the oldest herself, while Santana is the youngest, and annoyed by her older sister. That leads to the girls sharing some observations with each other about their siblings. For example, when Casey complains that her younger sister goes through her stuff, Santana sympathizes but also gets a little wistful and points out that that’s just what little sisters do.

I also enjoyed getting to see the friendship between the two girls take off. They were both so lonely before they met. I remember feeling that way and how I felt meeting a girl who would become one of my closest high school friends. Finding someone who gets you and really wants to be friends is such a huge thing. I loved that this book celebrates that.

The plan to sabotage the sisters made me a little nervous. I worried that especially the pranks played on the younger sibling would make it hard to like Casey. I thought the author tackled that part of the story in a way that let the girls’ feelings about the sabotage efforts evolve organically to a satisfying conclusion.

All in all, I think this is a really sweet book about sisters and best friends. I am really interested to see where the series goes from here.

I think readers who enjoy books by Kate Messner and Gillian McDunn will like the friendships and family challenges in this book.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

Major characters are white.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content

Violent Content
A girl throws cupcakes across the room while angry. Two girls get into a fight in the auditorium of a theater.

Drug Content

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