Review: The Secret Life of Bees by Moira Butterfield

The Secret Life of Bees by Moira Butterfield

The Secret Life of Bees: Meet the Bees of the World with Buzzwing the Honeybee
Moira Butterfield
Illustrated by Vivian Mineker
Words Pictures
Published May 11, 2021

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About The Secret Life of Bees

Follow Buzzwing the honeybee on a beautifully illustrated journey through the world of bees filled with amazing science and intriguing folklore.

Welcome to my honey hive home.
It’s where I live with my family.
I’m small and fuzzy and striped black and gold.
I’m Buzzwing the hard-working honey bee!

Did you know that bees love to dance? Or that they have an amazing sense of smell to help them find the best flowers? In THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, Buzzwing shares with you all the details of her life as a bee, in and out of the hive, starting with the day she was born.

Learn the secrets of this worker bee’s tiny world, including:
The bee life cycle.
Bee anatomy.
How bees collect nectar and make honey.
What happens inside the hive.
The different types of bees.
Why bees are so important to humans.
How bees can thrive in the city.
Bee folk tales from around the world.

With things to search for and find throughout, tips for making your own environment welcoming to bees, and even a poetry-writing exercise, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES is brimming with reasons to admire and respect the hardworking honeybee.

Sumptuous and detailed illustrations have pride of place in this magical guide to bees that mixes natural history with a splash of fantasy—a book to be pored over time and again.

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My Review

I’ve actually had this book for a long time, but somehow I missed reviewing it on my blog before now. I thought of it when I did my post on great books on the environment for kids in April for Earth Day, and I was surprised that when I looked, I hadn’t posted a review.

So now here I am, reviewing. At last!

SECRET LIFE OF BEES is one of those slightly deceiving books– from the outside, it looks all cute and maybe a little bit silly. But inside, it’s packed with a ton of real information about how bees live. There are descriptions of different types of bees and where they make their hives. There is a really great breakdown of how a honeybee hive operates.

Another great thing that’s included are short folktales or stories about bees. So the book really covers a lot of bases in terms of teaching kids about bees as an animal, some folk tales about them, and the last section of the book discusses conservation and what we can do to help protect bee populations.

SECRET LIFE OF BEES is a book that we’ve picked up off our shelf to read many times. The pictures are really engaging, and it’s truly packed with great information. I think any young readers interested in gardening or nature or conservation will love it.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 8 to 12.

All about bees.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content

Spiritual Content

Violent Content

Drug Content

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2 Responses to Review: The Secret Life of Bees by Moira Butterfield

  1. ooh this one sounds like such a neat read. Definitely one to have in any library! I love Bees, they are so essential to our environment.

    Lovely review!

    • Kasey says:

      I used to be really scared of them, but after reading several books– this one included!– I actually want to learn more about beekeeping. Totally agree– they’re critically important critters. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this book if you’re able to read it.