Support Christian Schools in Chile and Impact the Lives of Thousands

Kids2In yesterday’s post, I introduced Christian World Mission, a group responsible for administering ten schools and over 6,000 students. Today, Steve Phillips shares with us some more information about the students who will receive financial support from the Book Box Auction taking place now on eBay:

“If these 6,000 students I mentioned did not study with us, most would have to plug into the public school system which, in the past 30 years, has continued to crumble, offering a very poor and valueless education. This leaves most students without hope of college education and only minimum job opportunities. Of central importance, they would not get a Christian Education and the opportunity for them and their families to know and follow our Jesus.

On the other hand, nearly all our graduates go on to higher education and enter into the main stream of employment including lawyers, doctors, engineers, pastors, missionaries, teachers…..nearly anything on the professional job spectrum. Several thousand have graduated over the years.

Matt and Amy April 2013

“Of course, we will really never know the depth of width of influence. I can’t even count how many have come back to express their gratitude for the education and values they received. We do know that the children are the best missionaries in their families. This, combined with the church growth around the schools, has evidenced a dynamic growth of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Chile. I have no doubt that starting schools has done more to plant churches than our original plans. Thousands have come to Christ as a result of the church/school combination of evangelism and training.”

Make a Difference to Children in Chile

Four book boxes each filled with snacks and popular YA novels have been donated to help raise money for the Christian World Mission school ministry. Apart from the shipping costs, all proceeds go directly to the ministry to benefit the children and families they serve. Featured today is the Fantasy Haven Book Box, found here on eBay.

Fantasy_HavenHaunters by Thomas Taylor
“Haunters is peppered with interesting characters and early teen awkwardness as scenes flip back and forth between modern day and World War II ravaged London. Tension mounts as David’s quest becomes more urgent, making this a difficult novel to put down, once one reaches its midpoint.” – from the review on The Story Sanctuary.

Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard
“Treskillard weaves a fascinating tale and leaves the reader piqued for the next installment in the series. The last hundred pages moved especially quickly, pulling the reader through the tale with scarcely time for a breath.” – from the review on The Story Sanctuary

A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr
“Carr’s deft and thoughtful storytelling can’t help but leave readers eager for the next chapter in the fascinating world he’s created. Errol’s unexpected and expertly crafted transformation from cowardice to heroism makes this novel both moving and memorable.” – from the review on The Story Sanctuary (will post in April)


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