14 Underhyped YA Books Worth Reading

14 Underhyped Young Adult Books Worth Reading

14 Underhyped YA Books Worth Reading

I was emailing with an author of one of my favorite books from last year, and I realized it’s been a while since I shared a list of the books that I loved that just didn’t seem to get the hype they deserved. Some of these were published during the early days of Covid, when authors canceled book signings, school visits, and other bookish events. A few of these underhyped YA titles are from the ancient days before the pandemic changed life as we knew it. Others were published more recently– perhaps a victim of Barnes & Noble’s switch to carrying mostly paperbacks? I’m not sure what the … Continue reading

20 Amazing Young Adult Books Out Winter/Spring 2020

20 Best YA Titles of 2020

Thank Goodness for Amazing Books

I’m not even going to try to spread sunshine on it, this year has been a rough one. However, one of the few great things that has happened is that I’ve read some incredible books. I feel like I usually find some gems here and there, but it definitely seems to me that there are more than usual that have made me say WOW these last few months. So with social distancing limiting book cons and trips to the bookstore, I am stepping up to share a few of my very favorites so far this year.

Today I’m focusing on young adult books, for readers 12 to 18. Don’t miss my middle grade book list, because there … Continue reading