23 Amazing Young Adult Books Coming Winter 2023

23 Most-Anticipated YA Books Coming Winter 2023

23 Amazing Young Adult Books Coming Winter 2023

Seems like every month I have a harder time figuring out my review calendar. There are just too many amazing books coming out these days. I want to read them all! This winter is no exception. Lots of these titles are by authors of books I read last year (or earlier) and loved, so I’m really excited about their newest titles. There are a fair amount of romance titles on here, but some fantasy, historical and murder mysteries, too.

These are the 23 most-anticipated young adult books coming winter 2023 that I’m most looking forward to. I’ll post a list of my Continue reading

15 Amazing Middle Grade Books Coming Winter 2023

15 Amazing Middle Grade Books Coming Winter 2023

How are there so many great books coming out in the next few months? It gets harder and harder to limit my calendar to the books I can actually read, because it seems like there are so many great ones out there. I read three to five middle grade titles in an average month, but I wish I could read more. These books will all be published from January to March 2023. My list is mainly contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels. Here are the middle grade books coming winter 2023 that I’m most looking forward to reading.

Amazing Middle Grade Books Coming Winter 2023

The Librarian of Auschwitz by  … <a class= Continue reading

15 Highly Anticipated YA Books Coming Spring 2022

15 Highly Anticipated YA Books Coming Spring 2022

Spring is here and it’s very much past time to talk about what I’m most looking forward to reading this season. My last anticipated books post covered books coming out in January to late March, but there were a couple books I must have added to my TBR after I made that post, so I’ve included the few that I missed in this list.

Spring 2022 looks like another great season for YA books. Genre-wise, I’m looking forward to books that are kind of all over the map, from a couple historical books to RomComs to fantasy, and even a novel in verse! I’m particularly excited to read THIS REBEL HEART … Continue reading

Review: Duels & Deception by Cindy Anstey

Duels and Deception by Cindy AnsteyDuels & Deception
Cindy Anstey
Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group
Published April 11th, 2017

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About Duels & Deception

Lydia Whitfield has her future entirely planned out. She will run the family estate until she marries the man of her late father’s choosing, and then she will spend the rest of her days as a devoted wife. Confident in those arrangements, Lydia has tasked her young law clerk, Robert Newton, to begin drawing up the marriage contracts. Everything is going according to plan.

Until the day Lydia―and Robert along with her―is kidnapped. Someone is after her fortune and won’t hesitate to destroy her reputation to get it. With Robert’s help, Lydia strives … Continue reading

Review: The Illusionist’s Apprentice by Kristy Cambron

The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy CambronThe Illusionist’s Apprentice
Kristy Cambron
HarperCollins Christian Publishing
Published on March 7th, 2017

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About The Illusionist’s Apprentice
Harry Houdini’s one-time apprentice holds fantastic secrets about the greatest illusionist in the world. But someone wants to claim them . . . or silence her before she can reveal them on her own.

Boston, 1926. Jenny “Wren” Lockhart is a bold eccentric—even for a female vaudevillian. As notorious for her inherited wealth and gentleman’s dress as she is for her unsavory upbringing in the back halls of a vaudeville theater, Wren lives in a world that challenges all manner of conventions.

In the months following Houdini’s death, Wren is drawn into a web … Continue reading