6 Easy Ways to Unhaul Your Books

6 Easy Ways to Unhaul Your Books shows three stacks of books including Strike the Zither, Secret of the Moon Conch, and The Edge of In Between.

6 Easy Ways to Unhaul Your Books

Spring and Fall always make me want to clean and organize, and one of my favorite things to organize is, of course, my books! This year, I’ll review somewhere around 200 titles, and about one-third of them will be in the form of physical copies I receive from publishers. Which means about 70 books for the year.

Not including the books I buy (not zero) or are gifted to me. Or books anyone else in our household of readers happens to buy.

At any rate, it’s … Continue reading

Q&A with Sentences Book Donations Founder Clinton Festa

Q&A with Clinton Festa, founder of Sentences Book Donations image shows a blue header with the title of the post over a faded image of three stacks of books.

Almost ten years ago, I spoke with Clinton Festa about a really cool charity he founded called Sentences Book Donations. Through Sentences, he helps people donate books to prisons and other similar facilities. He does all the research for you. Simply pop onto the Sentences Facebook and Goodreads pages to find a place accepting donations. He’ll list what types of books facilities are interested in and how to send them. Then, you simply box up your donation and head to the post office to send … Continue reading