Q&A with Sentences Book Donations Founder Clinton Festa

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Almost ten years ago, I spoke with Clinton Festa about a really cool charity he founded called Sentences Book Donations. Through Sentences, he helps people donate books to prisons and other similar facilities. He does all the research for you. Simply pop onto the Sentences Facebook and Goodreads pages to find a place accepting donations. He’ll list what types of books facilities are interested in and how to send them. Then, you simply box up your donation and head to the post office to … Continue reading

Review: The Enchanted Harp by Clinton Festa

The Enchanted Harp by Clinton FestaThe Enchanted Harp
Clinton Festa
Published March 20, 2014

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On an errand for the king, Lillian discovers two things: a handsome boy and an unusual harp. The boy helps her bring the harp home where she examines it more closely. The harp, which has the power to play beautifully on its own, communicates with Lilly. Her mother, whom Lilly lost when she was very young, speaks to her through the notes on the strings.

Overjoyed, Lilly loses no time reconnecting with her mother and beginning the arduous process of learning to play the harp. But the harp, it … Continue reading

Interview with the Founder of Sentences: A Book Donation Ministry

sentences_book_donationA few months ago, Clinton Festa contacted me with an opportunity to help promote an unusual ministry he’s begun. Sentences is a ministry through which books are donated to prisons and detention centers around the United States. Clinton joins me today to give us more information about what he’s doing and why it’s important. Thanks, Clinton!

What led you to form this sort of ministry/charity? How long has Sentences been in operation?

In October 2013 I started learning more about prison life from some documentaries. I was surprised to learn that some inmates in Indiana are given the privilege of having pet cats and video games. Most of the times though, in most prisons, reading is the main form of recreation on a short list of options. I started … Continue reading