Review: The Enchanted Harp by Clinton Festa

The Enchanted Harp by Clinton FestaThe Enchanted Harp
Clinton Festa
Published March 20, 2014

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On an errand for the king, Lillian discovers two things: a handsome boy and an unusual harp. The boy helps her bring the harp home where she examines it more closely. The harp, which has the power to play beautifully on its own, communicates with Lilly. Her mother, whom Lilly lost when she was very young, speaks to her through the notes on the strings.

Overjoyed, Lilly loses no time reconnecting with her mother and beginning the arduous process of learning to play the harp. But the harp, it seems, or perhaps God himself has his own plans for Lilly and her harp. A dark force seeks to put the poorer neighborhoods of London under its power, and only Lilly and the harp can stop it.

The cast of characters is broad, fun and quirky. Lilly’s three godmothers are a hoot and keep things lively. Though the premise of the story may seem a little cheesy, the humor keeps it cute and the spiritual elements resonate with connections to stories from scripture. The relationship between Lilly and her mother and Lilly’s relationship with the boy add an element of tenderness as well.

The Enchanted Harp on AmazonLanguage Content
Mild use of crude language and profanity.

Sexual Content
One of Lilly’s godmothers makes a few brief sexual references.

Spiritual Content
Lilly finds comfort in spiritual guidance from a priest and in playing before church congregations. More than one miracle occurs while she plays. She participates in spiritual battles against demons through playing music on the harp.

Brief references to gang violence. A retired knight is murdered and a church burned down. A man tries to have Lilly killed. Very few details.

Drug Content
Lilly enters a bar hoping to play her harp to get the attention of those who oppose her.

The Enchanted Harp and Me on GoodreadsNote: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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